Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Removal PPP Home Treatment

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis is also known by other names such as hirsutoid papillomas, Tyson glands, papilloma in the corona glands and Pearly Penile Papules. Pearly penile papules are white, pink or translucent bumps, tags or protuberances exist on the ridge of the glans of the male sex organ. Hirsuties Coronae Glandis or pearly penile papule is male genital skin disorder. But this skin disorder is not serious like genital warts and genital herpes. The good news is it is not a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) such as genital warts and genital herpes. It is not contagious disease. Another positive thing is you can easily get rid of these bumps around the corona of your vital sex organ. There are working medical treatments as well as reliable home remedies for this skin condition. These white/pink/translucent papules are harmless in normal routine but some sufferers feel little bit pain during sexual intercourse.

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It has been hypothesized that PPP stimulates the female vagina during sexual intercourse, but as these papules are in very small size so the chances of this arouse in sexual pleasure is very limited.

They are in small size normally in range of 1mm to 3mm. These tiny papules appear around the corona of glans in one or several rows.

According to some medical statistics 8 to 48 percent of men are affected by this skin disorder. The studies also concluded that young people are mostly affected by it when compare to other age groups.

Another sturdy was conducted to check its occurrence in circumcised and non-circumcised men; it shows that its occurrence percentage in circumcised men is 7.1% while in non-circumcised men it is 33.3%.

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Misunderstanding

Sometime Hirsuties Coronae Glandis is confused with HPV warts. It is not STD like HPV warts and Herpes and not contagious.

Who Have These Small Papules?

There is no medical evidence about the actual cause of these bumps around the corona of the male penis glans. But according to some medical scientists they are blocked sebaceous glands.

Why The Sufferer Want To Remove It?

As these little bumps around the sulcus or corona of the penis are painless, there is no health risk associated with it. Then why the sufferer wants to remove them? It is not a physical issue as such but psychological and self-esteem issue. The sufferer self-esteem is badly damaged by the awkward look of his penis. Girls are not ready to engage in sexual intercourse with him and are upset by the strange looking of his sex organ. Besides this bad look they are anxious that the man might have some serious health issue such genital warts and genital herpes which are STD and contagious. These are basic reasons so the sufferer wants to remove them.

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Removal PPP Home Treatment

There are different treatments available for healing this skin disorder.

  • Medical Procedures For Healing PPP
  • Ordinary and Traditional Home Remedies For Healing PPP
  • Advanced and Improvised Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Pearly Penile Papules

Medical Methods For Dealing With PPP

  • Circumcision

As we mentioned in above lines that circumcised men have less chances of its occurrence when compare to non-circumcised men so some doctors suggest circumcision for their patients. The main problem with circumcision is that it is not a 100% effective method for dealing with this skin disorder as there are chances that the sufferer again has this issue despite of circumcision. Furthermore circumcision is a painful process and it will take time for recovery as well.

  • CO2 Laser Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules

This is the most trusted way for treating PPP. There are different laser based procedures available for treating PPP but CO2 laser treatment is the most effective and trusted one. It is highly effective but it is important to discuss this issue with your doctor well before going for this treatment. You have to analyze the cons of this treatment such as;

Cons of CO2 Pearly Penile Papules Laser Treatment:

  • Laser treatment is not a cheap method for healing PPP. Further pearly penile papules can occur again, so you also consider it.
  • Your doctor will numb the affected area with anesthetic agent like Lidocaine so it is important to check its reaction on your body. First use it on less sensitive body part such hand and see its effect, discuss this issue with your physician.
  • The surgical process for removing PPP is painless but when the anesthesia effects leave your body you will feel the pain.
  • Despite of expensive surgery it can back.

Other Types of Surgical Options;

  1. Radiosurgery
  2. Cryosurgery or Freezing
  3. Electro-desiccation with Curettage using Hyfrecator
  4. Excisional Surgery

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis PPP Removal Cost

The most trusted solution for removing PPP is CO2 Laser Treatment. The CO2 laser surgical procedure cost depends on your geographical location. Whether the medical treatment is expensive or cheap in your country. In third world country such as India etc. you can get this treatment with affordable price. But if you are living in Europe or US then you have to consider the other expenses besides the medical charges to get there such as visa processing fee and traveling expenses. If you are living in country where medical is free then don’t need to worry about the reoccurence of it again. Because the it can reappear even after surgical removal.

If you are living in US then it costs in range of $2500 to $3000. You should include the initial consultation fee that can be in range of $300 to $500. So the total cost is about $3000. The whole procedure is not completed in on day.

Majority of CO2 laser experts complete the process in 2 to 3 sessions.

PPP CO2 laser removal is very simple and painless. A topical cream is applied one hour before the procedure starting. While the whole treatment is completed in just 30 minutes time.

It is painless but patient might experience some swelling and scabbing of the treated area.

Some physicians prescribe oral medication for relieving pain but in most cases it is also not required.

The scabbing and swelling also fade quickly and the patient starts his routine within two weeks. Although sexual activities are not recommended during this two week healing period.

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Natural Removal

Traditional home remedies are effective for healing this penis skin disorder but they work very slowly and you have to wait for the best results.

  • Castor Oil

Castor oil is highly effective home remedies for healing different external and internal human body problems. For this safe home remedy you just need a bottle of castor oil and some cotton swabs.

Clean the PPP affected thoroughly before applying castor oil; wash it with warm water plus with some antibacterial soap. After washing it with antibacterial soap thoroughly dry it. Then with help of cotton swab apply generous amount of castor oil on the affected area, leave it open without using any bandage. For achieving optimum results from this home remedies repeat it three to four times a day. Consistency and patience is important! It will not work in couple of days.

  • Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) For Removing PPP

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) is normally used in medical treatment of different diseases. In medical procedures it is used in strong form while for this home based treatment you need it in mild and weak form. The process is simple; apply Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) cream on the affected. Be careful to apply it only on the affected area. After the application of this Alpha Hydroxyl Acid cream there is occurrence of some swelling and the bump will start to peel off. It is important to not pick them let them to fall by themselves to avoid scary marks.

  • Toothpaste For Removing PPP

You can use ordinary toothpaste for removing PPP. How to remove PPP with toothpaste?

This home remedy for removing pearly penile papules is quite easy. You just need toothpaste and most importantly patience on your part. Because the process is slow as there is no hard chemical involved in it. The whole process depends on the drying properties of toothpaste. The magic will happen but for it you need to be consistent. Don’t skip a day or more. It will not work if your are not regular.

Toothpaste is famous for its drying attributes and is used for different skin related diseases such as acne. So you can also give a chance for healing Hirsuties Coronae Glandis.  It is simple way for healing PPP. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the affected area before going to bed and leave it as without any bandage. In morning wash it and then repeat the same process. Repeat this toothpaste treatment for 3 to 4 weeks and monitor its outcome.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree Oil comes with healing properties for treating skin related problems such eczema. In this simple holistic process you just need a bottle of tea tree oil and cotton swabs.

Wash the area thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap.  Dry it. Then apply a small amount of tea tree oil with help of cotton swab and leave it as without using any bandage. For getting optimum results from this home based method repeat it three to four times a day. Continue this process consistently and see the results. It will work but slowly.

Fast Improvised Home Remedies For Hirsuties Coronae Glandis

If you can’t afford the expensive and invasive medical treatment such as CO2 laser treatment or have not patience and consistency to get desired results from traditional home based remedies then Fast Improvised Home Remedies For Hirsuties Coronae Glandis is the best option for you! These holistic home remedies are extremely fast, reliable and safe enable you to get rid of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis in Just 3 Days. For more information about this 3 Days Pearly Penile Papules Home Based System Click On this Link.

How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally