How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally

Hirsuties Coronae Glandis commonly known as pearly penile papules are small protuberances they appear on the glans of the male penis. They are harmless extensions of your penis skin, there are no associated health risks and the sufferer can leave a healthy life. In one line, I must say, penile papules are the natural part of your shaft’s anatomy. They are harmless and there is no health associated threat.

It is a normal physical condition and there is no need for removing them either with surgical or nonsurgical methods. As it is not a disease itself and not become a cause of another disease.

Pearly Penile Papules Treatment

It is a painless skin condition; the sufferer can spend normal life so there is no need for removing these tags from penis. If you are interested in removing these papules to boost your psychological wellbeing and get confidence in bed with your partner then there are different methods are available.

  1. Medical Surgical treatment
  2. Ordinary Home Remedies
  3. Improvised Fast Home Remedies

Let’s Start With Third Option Fast and Improvised Home Remedies

Fast Working Improvised Home Remedies

If you want to eradicate these while domes from your penis but can’t afford expensive CO2 laser treatment or not ready for bearing the pain and disturbance associated with it plus not have the patience and consistency required for the slow working home remedies then “How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally” is the decisive solution for you. These fast, working and reliable home remedies will eliminate your pearly penile papules in couple of days “just needs 3 days for complete elimination”. If you are interested in these fast working home remedies then click on the image below;-

How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally

Traditional Home Remedies For Eliminating PPP

Castor Oil:-

Castor oil is highly effective for treating different skin issue such acne etc. So you can use it for treating pearly penile papules.  For this home based remedy you just need a bottle of castor and some cotton swabs.


First wash the penile area you want to treat with castor oil. It is important to wash the area with a quality antibacterial soap and warm water. After washing the area then dry it with a clean towel. Then dip a cotton swab into the castor oil and apply it gently on the affected area. For quick treatment and fast healing process it is important to apply ample amount of castor oil to PPP. After application of castor oil leave your penis as without using any bandage, don’t wear pan/under garments and let it a sufficient amount of time to absorb the oil. Repeat this process three to four times every day for showing material improvements. Wait for results! As this home based treatment will not work in quick span of time. Allow it three to four weeks, be patient and regular!

Tea Tree Oil For Removal Of PPP

This is another natural and trusted home method for removing these pearly bumps from your penis. The process is almost the same as discussed above for castor oil. You need a tea tree oil bottle and cotton swabs.

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For apply this oil to these bumps wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and warm water. Then rinse your penis and dry it thoroughly with clean towel. Then take small quantity of tea tree oil on cotton swan, apply it gently on the papules. Leave it as without wearing pant/undergarment and not using any bandage, letting the penis to fully absorb the oil. Repeat this remedy three to four times a day for optimum benefits.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) Healing Method For Pear Penile Papules:

AHA or Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is a well-known chemical substance and is being used for various skin related issues such as discoloration, acne and brown spots. In its powerful form it is used in medical treatment but in its mild form this chemical substance can also be home based treatment.


In this home based treatment AHA cream is applied to pearly bumps. It is important to use a small quantity of this cream and only apply it to the affected area. It is highly important to keep safe the PPP free area from this AHA cream.

For fast healing apply this cream twice a day. The affected area will show some swelling after application of AHA cream and the bump will start to peel off. Don’t try to pick them let them to fall all by themselves to avoid scary marks.

Toothpaste Method For Removing Pearly Penile Papules

Common toothpaste is used for removing PPP. As we known toothpaste comes with drying properties and is highly effective for treatment of acne so in this penile skin issue it also plays vital role in its elimination.


In this simple home remedy for getting rid of PPP a thin a layer of toothpaste is applied to these pearly bumps. It is important to apply a thin layer of toothpaste at night time before going to bed and let to remain for the whole night. Then wash it in morning. This is slow healing process and it important to continue it for 3 to 4 weeks for showing substantial improvements.

Medical Surgical Treatment For PPP


Pearly penile papules can affect a male belonged to any age group but the common victims are people in age range of 20 to 30 years. Scientific data suggests that this penile skin issue is more common in uncircumcised men when compared to circumcised ones. Because of this reasons some medical professionals suggest circumcision for the removal of PPP but the truth is this method is not 100% reliable and patient can have this skin issue again. Circumcision is a painful condition so it is best to look for some other reliable treatment.

CO2 Laser Treatment For PPP

It is most trusted solution for removing PPP. As PPP is not a disease but a simple innocuous skin condition so it can be easily dealt with laser treatment! There are different types of laser treatments available but the most trustworthy is the CO2 Laser Treatment. In this treatment the papules are bombarded with CO2 laser to dissolve these white color domes. Before going for this treatment for elimination of these pearly bumps it is important to discuss the risks associated with it.

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Cons of CO2 Laser Treatment for PPP

  • The surgical process is painless but once the anesthesia effects gone the patient will feel some pain and he will need painkiller
  • It is a lengthy recovery period: it can be a week or even a month
  • CO2 Laser Treatment is not a low cost solution, CO2 laser procedure cost, medicine cost, and the period you will not able to work
  • Discuss the chances of its success with your doctor
  • PPP removal is not permanent, and there is still a chance it reoccur again and you have to go for another CO2 laser treatment
  • Lidocaine is used for anesthesia in this laser based surgery. It is important to check your skin reaction to it.

Other Surgical Options Availble:

  1. Cryosurgery or Freezing
  2. Radiosurgery
  3. Electro-desiccation with Curettage using Hyfrecator
  4. Excisional Surgery

Note*: CO2 laser treatment is the most reliable method and is most widely used.

What Are These Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Or Pearly Penile Papules?

First it is not a disease but just a skin disorder. There are different names used for this penile issue such as pearly penile papules, Hirsuties Coronae Glandis and hirsutoid papillomas.  These papules are small and white colored tags/domes / protrusions exist around the male sex organ corona.  In most cases these small white colored domes appear around the rim of the penis head in rows while in some cases they also exist on either side of the frenulum. It is not a disease and also not a STD. So there is no risk of its spreading through sexual intercourse or other skin contacts. It is totally an internal body system based condition and there is no involvement of external agents such bacteria or virus so there is no risk of its spreading. There is no physical problem associated with it as it is painless skin issue but for some people its psychological impacts are substantial because of the not normal appearance of your penis you will feel shy when exposing it to your partner.

Main Causes of PPP?

It is a painless skin condition, and not a STD, there is no scientific evidence available to explain the exact cause of this disease. Sometime these white color tags increases in number while sometime they diminishes without any obvious reason. So for the sufferer it is important to cope with these conditions and not take tension. As it is not considered a disease so there is no obvious cause of it. It is a special anatomical growth.


Pearly penile papules are sometime misunderstood as STD such genital warts and genital herpes. But the truth is PPP is has no symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

The Common Victims of Pear Penile Papules

30 to 48 percent of men are suffering from this problem. This penile skin issue is common in following people;

  • 33.3% of uncircumcised men of total uncircumcised men population
  • 7.1 percent of circumcised males out of the total men population

How To Protect Yourself From This Skin Condition?

As there is no obvious known cause of this skin issue so it is not possible to protect yourself from it. Although statistics indicate that uncircumcised men are mostly affected by this penile issue.