PPP Removal Cost Laser and Surgery Cost

PPP is undeniably embarrassing and anyone would seek to eliminate it. If you are scouring the internet to find the cost of removing pearly penile papules, I must say, it depends on what treatment method you select.

Even though the condition itself is harmless, living with it is daunting to many men especially if their partner doesn’t like it.

PPP Removal Cost Laser and Surgery Cost

Though bumps on the penis increase sexual pleasure during intercourse, it may seem ugly to your partner and may deepen feelings of guilt or shame. That’s how the condition can start eating away at a man’s confidence.

What PPP is and what it isn’t?

  • How to use common household items to cure your PPP?
  • Different home remedies to treat different levels of PPP.
  • What to do to avoid a relapse once your PPP is treated?

Pearly Penile Papules – PPP Removal Cost Hierarchy

Treatment does not have to be costly but can be depending on which route you choose. There are simply 3 ways to heal pearly penile papules completely, each with different costs. These are described below in the order of cost from the most expensive to the least.

PPP Removal Cost

  1. Most Expensive Option: Surgery

The surgical options cost the most. No doubt, there is a high success rate and instantaneous results with this method, but the expense is too high for some people. There are 4 major techniques used for surgery. These are CO2 Laser, hyfrecator, cryosurgery, excisional surgery.

  1. A) PPP Laser Removal Cost : CO2 Laser Surgery

The PPP CO2 Laser Surgery is definitely the most successful. With this method, a highly concentrated laser beam is targeted on the pimples to vaporize them. It has high success rate and there are minimum chances that the bumps will re-appear.

The problem is that the pearly penile papules removal cost is very high with this method. It usually costs anywhere between $1500-$2500 depending upon the hospital. Another major risk is that there is a chance the pimples may reappear and you may have to give laser treatment another shot. That means another $1500-$2500.

  1. B) Hyfrecator Method

Hyfrecator is a delicate method of vaporizing the pimples. Some choose it as pearly penile papules removal cost is low here. Hyfrecator is an electrode rod. A high AC current is passed through the rod, which is carefully placed on the penis bumps and they disappear.

Although it costs around $600-$800(low compared to CO2 laser treatment), the chance of relapse is high.

  1. C) Cryosurgery

With this method, the papules are filled with liquid nitrogen which is usually -196°C (-321°F). It freezes the pimples and turns them into a scab that falls off within a few days.

The problem is that it is not a targeted treatment. Liquid NO2 may affect the surrounding tissues of the penis. Tissue affected by the gas cannot be healed. However, it costs just $300-$400.

  1. D) Excision Surgery

This treatment is more daunting than the problem itself. The patient is given some anesthesia and the pimples on the penis are cut out with a blade.

I personally advise staying away from this method. It cannot treat your PPP. It will only turn your pimples into wounds and later into the infection. The practice is rarely used nowadays, but people may still choose it for its low cost. A doctor will charge you around $200-$250 for this.

  1. Easy To Afford Option: Home Remedies

Yeah! This one is my favorite. I love home remedies. There are

How Much It Really Costs To Remove Pearly Penile Papules?

not many side effects and the cost is minimal, if you have the right information.

Discussing them is out of the scope of this article. Must check the article pearly penile papules removal at home. At most, home remedies will cost you around $50-$100. Read Our Article : How To Remove PPP Without Surgery

  1. Zero Cost Option: Patience

The cost of removing PPP can be $0 this way. If you have some patience, in many cases, pimples on the penis disappear with age. Not for every patient, but after the age of 50, the bumps get smaller and, eventually, disappear completely.Read Our Article: How To Get Rid Of PPP In 3 Days?

How To Cover The PPP Cost

Covering the cost is not an issue if you avoid surgeries and choose to go with Home Remedies as I don’t think that a cost of less than $40 can rip you off. However, if you made your mind up to go with surgical treatment, then a little planning is a must to cover the high cost involved.

The best case scenario is your health insurance policy covering the cost, but if your health policy does not cover it, it can be a little tricky to make them pay. Here’s how:

If the total cost is not being covered, check for ICD codes. ICD codes are the technical classification of different medical procedures. You will see pearly penile papules as a whole but ICD codes break it into a group of processes. Now go back to your policy and check which ICD codes are covered.

This way, you can make your insurance provider pay a major chunk of the cost. If needed, hire a lawyer who may be better at checking the ICD codes. Additionally, a lawyer will make sure that your policy provider does not get out of paying.

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