PPP Disease Treatment

The good news about PPP (Pearly Penile Papules) is that it is not STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) so you can enjoy your sex life without bothering any safety measure for the protection of your partner from this skin condition. It is not like herpes or genital warts which are STDs. Because of its appearance around it is sometime confused with these infectious diseases. In this PPP disease treatment we will explore this condition from different perspectives; its causes, prevention, medical and home based treatment so stay with us.

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What’s Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)?

These are basically small white colored tags, protrusions or domes which appear around the penis gland. In most cases they exist in rows around the rim of the penis’s head and there are also cases in which they may also appear on either side of the frenulum. In simple words PPP is not a disease at all; it is a skin condition, not a STD. There is no obvious reason for its occurrence; anyone can have this condition. This skin condition develops without help of any external agent; it no a viral or bacterial diseases, so there is no risk of your partner to be affected with this condition. You can live your life without any problem with PPP but the main issue is the social and psychological; the appearance of your penis is different from people with having this condition; a collection of white colored domes around your sex organ.

It is a painless condition and not a STD but the main problem with this skin condition is the lack of scientific knowledge about its cause. What is the cause of pearly penile papules? There is no definite scientific evidence available. These while colored tags sometime decrease with passage of time and even sometime the affected area totally cleared out. And there are also time when these bumps significantly increase in number. So for the sufferer it is important to cope with these fluctuations.

PPP Disease Treatment

How Protect Yourself From This Condition?

As there is no scientific evidence available about the cause of this skin condition so no one can protect himself from this condition by adopting some preventive steps. Although there some research that the people with circumcision have less chance of this condition.

Life with Pearly Penile Papules

It is important to avoid anxiety and stress because of the non-normal shape of your penis. Be relaxed and enjoy your life as stress and anxiety can badly influence your sex drive and your relationship with your partner.

If PPP surgical treatment is not affordable then the best thing for you is to love your body and take pride in it. There are also evidences the sex partners of the PPP sufferers enjoy better sexual experience because of the receptive sexual sensations.


As you know PPP is a painless skin condition which can’t hinder your day to day life routine so you have the options to leave as or to go for some treatment. If you want to remove this thing from your sex organ then there are two options available; medical treatment and home based treatment.

Medical Treatments


Pearly Penile Papule mainly affects people in age group in range of 20 to 30 years, but it is not 100% accurate and some people in other age groups are also affected by it so in absolute terms it is not age specific and a person can have these papules in any age. Scientific data is available that circumcised men have less frequency of this condition when compared to uncircumcised men. This is the reason that some doctors advise circumcision to eliminate this skin condition. But circumcision is not 100% reliable and guaranteed solution because there are chances those sufferers again has this condition even after circumcision. As we know circumcision is a painful experience and the bad thing is that it is not 100% guaranteed solution.

PPP CO2 Laser Treatment

To eliminate these small bumps located on the head of male sex organ. The most famous solution for removing these unwanted white colored tags is laser treatment.

As we known PPP is a not a disease and a minor skin condition so laser treatment is the reliable solution for getting rid of it. There are different types of laser treatments available for getting rid of this condition; CO2 laser treatment is the most famous.  In this CO2 laser treatment the affected area is targeted with laser to dissolve the bumps. But before going to treat your pearly penile papules with CO2 laser it is important to meticulously analyze the pros and cons of this laser technology treatment.

Cons of CO2 Laser Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules;

  • First in this method there is some need of anesthesia. Before going to bombard the affected area with CO2 laser it is numbed with Lidocaine. So it is important to ask your physician for the effect of Lidocaine on your body. Apply it to your hand or other less sensitive area and see the reaction of your body to it. Properly analyze that there is no allergic symptoms.
  • The surgical process is painless but you will feel pain when the anesthesia effects come to end.
  • The recovery process is not brief; week or in some case even a month period is needed for complete healing.
  • Financial consideration is also important; CO2 treatment cost, medicine etc.
  • The last but not the least, discuss the chances of success with your physician.

Other Surgical Options Availble:

  1. Cryosurgery or Freezing
  2. Radiosurgery
  3. Electro-desiccation with Curettage using Hyfrecator
  4. Excisional Surgery

Note*: CO2 laser treatment is the most trusted method and is most widely used.

Home Base Treatment for Healing Pearly Penile Papules

Castor Oil:

Castor oil benefits are well-known; it is being used for treatment of different health condition. In this simple home remedies for healing PPP you just need a bottle of castor and some cotton swabs.


Before going to apply castor oil to the affected area it is important to thoroughly wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and warm water. It is also important to perfectly dry the affected area before the castor oil treatment. You must apply sufficient amount of castor oil to the affected area. If you apply generous amount of castor oil to affected area there are greater chances of its improvement in quick span of time. After application of sufficient amount of castor oil to affected area leave it as without any bandage. For getting optimum benefits from this castor oil home based remedy it is important to apply it three to four times a day. Patience is important; as this method will not show its effects in two or three days, keep it up for some days, be regular!

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid:

Alpha Hydroxyl Acid or AHA is a well-known chemical substance using for healing different condition such as discoloration, acne and brown spots. This substance is mainly used in medical treatment but in mild form it can also be used in home based treatment. The difference between the home based AHA and medical one is the level of concentration; the medical Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is more concentrated when compare to that is being used in home based treatment.

In this method a low concentration Alpha Hydroxyl Acid cream is apply to the affected area. It is important use small quantity of AHA cream and only on affected area as there is a risk associated with it if applied to unaffected area.

This Alpha Hydroxyl Acid cream should be applied twice a day to the affected area until the area becomes perfectly clean. The affected area will show some swelling after application of AHA cream and the bump will start to peel off. Don’t try to pick them let them to fall all by themselves to avoid scary marks.


Common toothpaste comes with extreme dry properties and is highly effective against some skin diseases such as acne. So you can also use toothpaste for healing PPP.

In this simple process the affected area just needs a thin layer of toothpaste. It is best to apply toothpaste to the affected area before going to bed and in morning then wash it thoroughly. Again this is a slow process and it will show its effects after 2 to 3 weeks so be patient and regular!