Pearly Penile Papules Removal Castor Oil

Pearly penile papules is not a serious penile issue like genital warts and herpes which are STDs and the sufferers have to take some measure for protecting his partner from these infection. PPP is an innocent skin issue of the penile, there is no associated pain or other health risk but its psychological impacts on the sufferer life are more pronounced. It eats away the self-esteem of the sufferers. So despite of its innocuous nature there is a need for getting rid of this penile skin issue. There are medical procedures for healing this health issue such as CO2 laser treatment and home remedies. In this article we will discuss one of the trusted home solutions for eliminating PPP “Pearly Penile Papules Removal Castor Oil”.

Castor oil is the simplest kind of home remedy for eliminating pearly bumps. If you use castor oil on your penis in correct way then you can achieve substantial improvement with this simple, inexpensive, noninvasive and holistic home remedy.

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It is important to give a chance first to this natural, inexpensive home remedies. Because the medical procedures such as CO2 laser treatment is an expensive way of eliminating PPP. Besides its high cost, its affects your life; after surgery when the anesthesia effects faded away the patient will feel some pain for couple of weeks. And the recovery process normally takes one to two weeks. But the major con of the CO2 laser treatment is that it is not a permanent solution. The problem can occur again. So it is recommended to give a chance to home remedies before going for expensive and invasive medical surgery. One of the trusted home remedies for healing PPP is castor oil. Let’s explore this natural remedy for healing this penile issue.

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a common and easily available item. You can easily get it online or over the counter. For best result use it in undiluted form or you can mix it with tea tree oil as these two oils are highly effective for treating PPP.

If you use castor oil on the affected spot of your penis regularly it will soften the tags existed and finally they will decrease in number as well as size. Over a period of time you can even get rid of these papules with regular application of castor oil.

Castor oil is obtained from a plan known as Ricinus Communis. This oil is highly effective for treating different skin issues such acne etc.

Pearly Penile Papules Removal Castor Oil Procedure

  • You need a bottle of castor oil and a bottle of tea tree oil
  • Mix these two oils in 50:50 ratio
  • Wash your penis with some quality antibacterial soap plus warm water.
  • Dry the skin with clean towel to remove all the moisture
  • Take a cotton swabs
  • Dip the cotton swab into mixed oil (castor oil plus tea tree oil)
  • You need to apply a small quantity of this mixed oil to test adverse reactions of the oil
  • If there is no adverse reaction then apply the oil gently over the bumps.
  • Let the penile skin to absorb the oil; leave it as, and don’t wear undergarment and pant.

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How Castor Oil Works For Eliminating PPP

You need to apply castor oil 3 times a day for achieving optimum benefits from this home based remedy. In most cases the treatment results are seen in a week or so. But the time period can be different and you need to use this mixture of castor oil and tea tree oil for 3 to 4 weeks. So you need to wait 3 to 4 weeks before stopping its use in case there is no improvement. In most cases this treatment is highly effective. In case you are not using it regularly then the healing process can take longer time!

Castor Oil Application and Patience!

Patience is another important factor for getting optimum results from results from home based PPP remedies. This castor oil plus tea tree oil solution will not work in a day or couple of days. If you use it regularly then you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks for seeing its effects before ceasing its application.

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