Pearly Papules Removal Easy And Quickly

Penis is surrounded by a delicate skin that is prone to issues which can be a cause of embracement for most of us. This is the main reason that majority if men are reluctant to seek the required medical support. But in majority of cases these embarrassing issues are not so serious and one can deal with them quite successfully in the privacy of his own home.

But before embarking on to find solutions for these stroppy problems it is important to first analyze them and have a clear picture of; what is the problem? And what is the best available homed based treatment for them? This scrutiny and analysis is important to avoid further complicating the issue.

How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally

Pearly penile papule is one of the embarrassing issues. So it is important to discuss this issue with your physician and then go for home based treatment. Your physician will diagnose this penile skin issue. As it is a painless skin issue and not a disease so your doctor may not recommended any treatment for it and will advise you to leave it without going for any treatment.

But if you feel its deep psychological impacts on your sexual relationship then it is recommended to seek some home based remedies first for elimination of these white colored papules.

Most of the home based remedies available for treating PPP at home are innocuous and doesn’t involve any side effects.

Pearly Papules Removal Easy And Quickly

What are Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)?

Pearly penile papules or Hirsuties coronae glandis in most cases are found around the heat of the men penis. They are small skin/white colored domes/tags/bumps.

These PPP are commonly appearing in a single row looks like a string of pearls this is the reason they are called pearly penile papules. These papules are very common among men; 20 percent of men have this penis issue in their lifetime.

The good news is that PPP is not a STD (sexually transmitted disease), not contagious and have not associated risks.

If you have this skin problem then it is important to discuss it with your doctor. If you are interested in dealing with it your-own in the privacy of your home then the following natural remedies come with lots of success for eliminating PPP.

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Holistic Toothpaste Method for Eliminating Pearly Penile Papules

Does Toothpaste an Effective Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Penile Papules?

The simple and straightforward answer is “Yes”. It is one of the trusted home remedies. It is effective and safe. There are no side effects associated with it.

The main argument in favor of this natural home remedy is that it is safe. It wouldn’t cause any skin damage such as irritation or rash. You can apply toothpaste to these penile tags with confidence.

Why toothpaste for treatment of PPP? The answer is that toothpaste comes with exceptional drying properties. It is also used for other skin related issues such as acne. So you can also use it for as a natural remover for this skin problem.

You can use any toothpaste for this method. But it must be free of mint and whitening agent. Simple fluoride formula toothpaste is considered the best.

There is no need to search special toothpaste for this purpose. Common toothpaste found in your local grocery is best. No need to visit pharmacy to hunt for premium quality toothpaste as we do for our dental hygiene.

Another plus point of this home remedy for eliminating penile tags is that it cheap. You can even use the toothpaste in your home if its mint and whitening agent free. This holistic home method for treating PPP is the cheapest when compared to other methods such as tea tree oil or castor oil. The process is safe and it is free of any side effects. You can complete the whole treatment with just one pack of toothpaste.

After and before treatment follow up is important. You can use your smartphone for this purpose. Take pictures of the papules before treatment and compare it with following status to see the effects.

Toothpaste therapy is relatively fast than castor oil or tea tree oil home treatment methods.

It works fast for some people but other it takes more time. Male with more responsive skin the treatment shows its effects after three to four days.

If you are lucky person with skin more responsive to drying properties of toothpaste then you will notice good results in couple of days.

Once you begin this natural home treatment you will notice a gradual reduction in size of papules. For satisfactory and fast results you need to use follow this method religiously. There I no room for skin a day treatment. Continuity and patience play a vital role for achieving fast and satisfactory results.

It wouldn’t work if you use it one and skip the next day. Consistency is extremely important.

Another important point is that you shouldn’t the treatment in mid. Use it until the papules are not gone completely. The more your stick to it, the most satisfactory results will you get.

It is the cheapest and most effective home remedy for healing penile papules. So you must give it a chance before going for expensive and risky medical surgery.

What Type of Toothpaste is best for PPP Removal?

This method is found effective by many pearly penile bumps sufferers. When they share their personal experiences they also mention the type of toothpaste found the best. Different types of toothpastes come with different properties affecting the results of this process. For example according to PPP sufferers gel-type toothpaste are considered the worst for this purpose. The gel-type toothpaste lacks the drying properties that are found at its best level in solid one.

Basic common toothpaste is ideal for this purpose. Ordinary toothpaste found in grocery stores comes with fluoride. Fluoride has excellent drying properties that we need for curtailing the size of these bumps.

Toothpaste Proper Use for PPP Removal

How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally

If you want to remove pearly penile bumps with help of toothpaste the following steps are important to follow.

  • The toothpaste you want to use for removal PPP should be free of mint as well as whitening agents. As these two ingredients are not skin friendly. They cause skin rash and irritation.
  • Another thing you need to consider when buying the most appropriate toothpaste for this process is that it should be in solid form. You should avoid gel-like type toothpastes. Gel-like type toothpaste lacks the drying property. Drying property is must for shrinking penile papules. You should buy solid ordinary fluoride toothpaste.
  • The best timing for toothpaste application on PPP is before bed. When you use toothpaste this the paste gets enough time to show its effects.
  • Wash your penis with mild soap. Use normal water for this purpose. The soap must be free of perfume as well as additive. Medicated toothpaste is considered the best. Properly wash the penis with medicated soap and make sure there is thing left on your penis skin.
  • Dry your penis with a soft clean towel so there is no moisture left. As we know that the success of this process is solely depends on the drying properties of toothpaste. If the skin of the penis is not perfectly dry then toothpaste drying process will be less effective. So make sure the penis is thoroughly dry with a clean towel.
  • Now it is time to apply a layer of toothpaste on the affect area. Apply enough amount of paste on papules. To thin layer couldn’t provide the sufficient drying effects necessary for papules shrinking. Similarly too thick layer wouldn’t dry out.
  • Warp the bandage around the papules area layered with toothpaste. The area coated with toothpaste should be taped so that the paste stays in and would not rub off.
  • The process should be for whole night.
  • Wash the paste from the penis with water thoroughly in morning.
  • You must repeat this process religiously. Don’t skip the process even for a single day.
  • It will work but patience and consistency is required.

Common toothpaste is used for removing Pearly Bumps. Toothpaste comes with drying properties and is being used for treatment of various skin issues such as acne so you use it for treatment of PPP.

In this process you need just to apply a thin layer of ordinary toothpaste on pearly penile papules at night time before going to bed and let to remain throughout the night and wash it thoroughly in the morning.

It is also a slow process and will take 2 to 3 weeks for showing substantial improvement.

Castor Oil Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules

Castor oil comes with healthy properties and is being used for different health issues. There are lots of cases where this oil performs excellently for eliminating PPP.  So let’s see what this treatment is?

For this home remedy you need a bottle of castor oil and some cotton swabs.


First wash your penis thoroughly especially the PPP affected area with an antibacterial soap and warm water. After washing it rinse your penis and dry it with clean towel thoroughly, ensure there is no moisture left.

Then take ample amount of castor oil on cotton swab and apply it gently on pearly penile papules. Allow the oil ample amount of time to be absorbed by your penile skin. Leave it open without any bandage and not wearing undergarments/pants. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times a day. Be regular and wait for results, the process is slow and you should wait three to four weeks for seeing any material changes.

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PPP Treatment Tea Tree Oil

The process is almost the same as discussed above! You need a bottle of tea tree oil and some cotton swabs.


Wash your penis and then dry it in same way as discussed in castor oil treatment home remedy above.

Then apply a small quantity of tea tree oil with help of cotton swab on PPP. Repeat this whole process three to four times per day for seeing any material benefits. Continue this process for 3 to 4 weeks to see curing benefits as the procedure is slow and will not produce results in one or couple of days.

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Pearly Penile Papules Treatment with Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA)

In this method Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) is used for removing PPP. Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is well known for eliminating skin problems such as discoloration, brown spots and acne. In this home based treatment of PPP mild form (weak form) of Alpha Hydroxyl Acid is used. It is important to use a small quantity of this AHA cream and must only be applied to the PPP affected area. Twice a day treatment is recommended. After use Alpha Hydroxyl Acid based cream the affected area shows some swelling and the bump will start to peel off. Don’t try to pick them allow them to fall all by themselves to avoid scary marks.


How To Get Rid Of Hirsuties Coronae Glandis Naturally

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