How Does Someone Get a Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid is the term used for painful conditional because of the swelling of some veins in anal area. The causes of this swelling are many but major ones include;

  • Pregnancy
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Family History
  • Obesity
  • Straining during bowel moment
  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Anal intercourse

What These Swollen Veins Are?

We all have hemorrhoids, but we don’t feel its existence when they are in their normal shape. Hemorrhoids are basically a web of veins exist in anal cavity. These veins exist in huge number. In normal circumstances there is no problem, these veins serve its important function such regulating the movement of anal opening and closing after bowl movement and other functions as well.

In medical there is a term Hemorrhoidal Plexus which is used for this specific area in rectum. Rectum is actually the final part of the large intestine that m connects anus and colon. There is a web of intricate veins exist which server the purpose of smooth and constant blood flow in rectum area and other body parts so there is a basically it connect to other parts for regulating the overall performance of this important area.

How Does Someone Get a Hemorrhoids?

This web of veins is further divided into two big categories;

  • Internal Hemorrhoidal Veins; exist inside the rectal opening are called internal hemorrhoids.
  • External Hemorrhoidal Veins: exist outside of the rectal opening are named external hemorrhoids.

When these veins lose its normal shape and become swollen we feel their existence in the form of itching, stinging, intense pain and even bleeding.

Hemorrhoids Types:

There are two main types of hemorrhoids which are categorized on the basis of its location;

  • External Hemorrhoids

In case the swollen veins located near the anal opening then it is called external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are very painful. The main symptoms associated with this condition are stinging, itching, swelling, bleeding and some rare situation there is a little bit discharge as well. If the external hemorrhoid exists for long period of time there is blood clotting formation inside the swollen vein which seems like a hard marble. This hard marble shape is called thrombosed hemorrhoid. This is condition is very painful.  Another symptom of thrombosed is medicines don’t work on it because of the existence of problem inside the tissue and medicine fail to relive it as it have no access to area where the problem exists. This condition is very painful in first 24 to 48 hours but then the pain reduces when the body reabsorbed the clot.

  • Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids exist inside the anal area; they are comparatively less painful when compared to external hemorrhoids but they produce more blood when compared to external hemorrhoids.

Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Simple home based treatments can greatly improves your condition and following them consistently can eventually make possible to get rid of this disease. The following home based procedures can reduce your hemorrhoids inflammation, swelling, itching and pain.

  1. Warm Bath

Warm bath is best method to relax anal veins. Daily 15 to 20 minutes warm soaking can improve your hemorrhoids conditions. For getting the best results from this method fill a bathtub few inches with warm water and soak in it for 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure three to four times daily and after each bowl movement as well. In market there are special sitz-baths available for this purpose.

  1. Ice Treatment

For shrinking the swollen veins apply small ice pack several times a day on the affected area.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is highly effective against different health condition because of its antiseptic and ant-inflammatory attributes. You can apply a cut half of fresh Aloe Vera to the affected area for reducing the inflammation, pain and itching.

  1. Witch Hazel

This plant is famous for its skin healing properties especially effective against inflammation so you can use it for healing hemorrhoids inflammation and pain.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a natural antiseptic and highly effective against inflammation. Grind fresh garlic and make a paste of it, add some olive oil to add so you can easily inter it inside your rectal area. For external hemorrhoids place this past inside fridge for some time and then apply this cold paste to external swollen area for instant relief.

  1. Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is one the best natural fiber sources and comes with exceptional properties against constipation. It is the best fiber source for fighting against constipation so you can include it into your daily routine meeting your body fiber requirements.

General Ways to Speed up the Healing Process

  1. Change Your Working Style

Sitting or standing for long time is one of the factors aggravating your hemorrhoids, so it is recommended to avoid standing or sitting for long time. You can take a short break after 30 minutes to bring all the mussels in the rectal area into original condition. Use soft pillow and avoid hard surfaces. Another way to reduce strain on the affected area is to move your body during standing or sitting position to allow constant flow of fresh blood into those areas.

  1. Proper Diets

Hemorrhoid doesn’t develop in one or two days but over period of time. As we mentioned there are many causes of this health condition the main one according to health experts is excessive straining during bowels movement. Excessive straining during bowels movement is due to constipation. Fast foods, deep fried foods, processed foods and cold drinks are main contributors to constipation in our daily life. To avoid constipation and for soft stool it is important to include fiber rich foods into your daily routine.

  1. Dehydrate Your Body

Take sufficient amount of water to keep your body hydrated, it will make your stool soft and avoid constipation resulting in less straining during bowl movement. Take at least 8 glasses of water daily and also add one glass of water to every meal intake.

  1. Weight Control

Keep your body weight under control as statistics suggests over weighted people have this problem more than slim people.

Medical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

In case of severe hemorrhoids the medical treatment is the ultimate option. But before going to do the full fledge surgery your doctor may use some less painful methods to remove the hemorrhoids. These medical procedures include;

  • Sclerotherapy

Your physician will inject the inflamed and swollen blood vessels with anti-inflammatory chemical. This medical procedure is highly effective resulting in shrinking of the swollen veins.

  • Infrared Coagulation

In this simple medical procedure an ultraviolet heat waves are used to burn the hemorrhoids.

  • Banding

This is another simple method for removing hemorrhoid which your doctor might suggest on basis of your disease condition. Another name used for this method is called rubber band ligation. In this method the blood follow into the swollen vessels are blocked via a rubber band is attached around the hemorrhoids base. After few days the hemorrhoid detaches from its base and falls out through anus.

  • Cryotherpay

This is freezing method of removing the inflamed vessels. Your physician simply freezes the hemorrhoids until it falls of on its own.


In case your hemorrhoids become too big and not possible to health them via home based or abovementioned simple medical procedures then surgery (Hemorrhoidectomy) is the final solution.