At Home Eczema Treatment

As far as eczema treatment and management is concerned the sufferers have many choices to explore. There are diverse opinions about the efficacy of home remedies the ways to get rid of eczema, there are both negative and positive feedback exist. Does At Home Eczema Treatment work? Home remedies are considered best for following reasons;


The home treatment is affordable; though you may need to buy a few supplies but when compared to prescription medication cost it is pretty affordable. And some of these supplies you may already have in your home so there is no money spending.

Physician’s Visits:-

Time and money saving; by avoiding doctor you not only save lot of money but also eliminates hassle associated with it.

Many Choices:-

In this way of dealing with your disease you have many options; for example you can either use lotion after bath for locking moisture in your skin or drinking ample amount of water for keeping the eczema’s effects under controlled. Other treatment options include oatmeal pastes, oatmeal baths and other ways for adopting your diet according to disease’s requirements. So you can select methods work best for you and easy to implement.

At Home Eczema Treatment

Less Risky:-

Home remedies for eczema is far more safer than OTC (over the counter) and prescription medicines. They have fewer side effects plus risks when compared to OTC and prescription medicines.

With home based treatments you can reduce the effects of eczema to an acceptable level.

At Home Eczema Treatment 1# Things to Avoid For Sake Of Keeping Eczema Under Controlled

If eczema suffer flare breakouts for example with exposure to particular type of food/foods or pollen then the best way to curtail its effects by avoiding putting yourself in a position of risk. So you can avoid it staying inside at summer and at height of spring when the pollen count is at its peak. Similarly if you have allergy to particular food such as milk, eggs or nuts, it is best to avoid these effects accelerating foods.

At home eczema treatment 2#

If your eczema condition is characterized by dry skin then it is best to deal with this situation by curtailing your skin dryness. You can reduce your skin dryness by curtailing your bath time as short as possible. Another step in this direction is reducing the amount of soap or completely avoiding synthetic soap by using all-natural soap/organic one. Another tip to keep your skin supple and moist is to use natural moisturizers in your bath such as tea tree oil. After taking bath it is also important to use natural moisturizer such as tea tree oil or olive oil, these all-natural moisturizers will keep your skin supple and moist.

After bath it is essential to retain optimum amount of moisture by applying natural moisturizers to areas of your skin such olive or tea tree oil. These after bath treatment needs to be done within three minutes of completing your bath as the skin is already moist and ready for retaining optimum amount of moisture. The primary advantages of using either olive or tea tree oil as a moisturizer is that both of these substances are easy to get hold of. For sake of keeping your skin moist and supple you can use plastic bags; plastic bags that will prevent your skin drying out for the maximum length of time.

The mentioned moisturizers show efficacy for most people but there is chance that they may not work for you. So you can opt for other moisturizers made from completely natural substances such as;

Vitamin E oil:-

Vitamin E Oil is well-known for its superb capacity to hydrate the skin as well as has good effects on your skin’s health. This vitamin E comes with ability to protect cell membranes while at same time promoting the body’s ability to use selenium and vitamin K. Because of its antioxidant qualities it offers your skin another level of protection.

Vinca Minor:-

Vinca Minor is homeopathic product with skin moisturizing effects especially ideal for sore, sensitive and itchy skin. So it is also ideal for eczema sufferers.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica:-

Hydrocotyle is basically an aquatic plant and herbal remedy. Hydrocotyle has been used for many centuries because of its wound healing features and its capability to aid skin renewal.  So you can find moisturizers containing this but if not exists then try to find the herb online and infuse it into a mild unscented baby oil to make your own moisturizing solution.


It is another ancient medicinal herb used for centuries for treating damaged and dry skin so you can use it for eczema and psoriasis. Calendula’s suspension is highly effective against skin inflammation and irritated tissue.

If you do an online search for calendula, you will find ample of places where you can buy plants or at least the extract so that you can make your own moisturizing lotion, soothing, or oil yourself. Failing to get this product online, you might consider buying a commercially produced calendula salve like this one.