How To Get Rid Of Uterine Fibroids Without Surgery Naturally?

If you are suffering from Uterine Fibroids and looking for a way to get rid of it then the good news is it quite possible to get rid of it without surgery, in totally natural and holistic way. But the problem is that is not a quick fix approach, requires commitment, determination and a systematic manner for a period of time.

Fibroids is a common issue among women, but majority of them are not aware of its existence because of no obvious symptoms. The causes behind uterine fibroids are many and most of them are caused by dietary issues and lifestyle. For the development of this uterus issue there is need for existence of certain conditions plus fine interaction between there various conditions to create a favorable environment for it. So controlling the development of fibroids and complete elimination there is need for breaking the relationships between there different factors and conditions; once you succeed in getting this objective of neutralizing these conditions and there overall effects your fibroids will stop to develop further and eventually will come to end. Besides bad food habits other factors of lifestyle also deeply influence it such as lack of exercise, stress and poor sleep patterns.

How To Get Rid Of Uterine Fibroids Without Surgery Naturally?

So for complete elimination of fibroids you have to follow the natural and holistic guidelines best for this uterus issue firmly for a period of time, ad-hocism must be avoided.  Your healing programs will include the following modules;

  • A natural system to re-balance your hormone levels
  • A holistic system to eliminate toxins from your body
  • A well-planed and targeted diet program for healing this issue
  • Different methods use to manage stress
  • Think about the role of quality herbs come with healing properties for this issue

How to Cure Fibroids without Surgery Using Herbs

You can use different methods for controlling your fibroids without surgery such as dietary changes, making part different types of exercises of your routine, yoga etc. Another important way to control this uterus condition is via herbs. There different herbs come with healing properties especially useful for this womb condition. If you want to eliminate your fibroids and not ready for surgery or other allopathic / Homeopathic medicines then natural herbs are best for controlling and eventually eliminating fibroids.

But before going for herbal treatment of your fibroids it is extremely important to check and properly analyze the attributes of the herb you are going to use for this purpose.  The herb you choose for healing this uterus issue must have the following attributes;

  • Effective to control menses related bleeding; comes with astringent ability
  • The herbs must have hormone balancing functionality
  • They are anti-inflammatory properties
  • Detoxify properties
  • Diuretic properties

How To Get Rid Of Uterine Fibroids Without Surgery Naturally?

Medical Ways to Shrink Fibroids without Surgery

  • Allow sometime to your fibroids and see whether it increases in sizes or remains as such. It is visit your doctor to check the size of your fibroids once or twice a year. Majority of uterus fibroids grows slowly and in most cases there is no need for any special treatment as it comes to end the occurrence of menopause because of the drastic reduction of estrogen level in your body.
  • There are also medications available for this disease. In this method the level of estrogen is controlled which is responsible for development of fibroids. The decrease in hormone level will help in shrinking the fibroids. But these medicines also come with side effects such as sex drive decrease, hat flashes, joint pain and sleeping problem.
  • Testosterone therapy is another way of controlling fibroids; in this method a medicine similar in properties to male hormone is used to prevent female menstrual cycle from starting. This blocking of menses cycle might support to shrink your fibroids. The side effects of this treatment are unwanted hair appearance, acne, weight gain and deeper voice.
  • Another surgery free method is uterine artery embolization; in this procedure the blood is blocked to uterus fibroids with help of interventional radiologist injects small particles into the arteries. The lacking of required blood supply to fibroids it begins to shrink.
  • This is focused ultrasound procedure. In this method your doctor will use MRI scanner, with help of high frequency sound waves fibroids is destroyed.

Herbal Treatment For Fibroids

Mother Nature has different herbs they are beneficial for healing fibroids such as;

  • Dandelion

Dandelion is one of the highly beneficial detoxifying agent; a perfect elixir for liver, kidney and blood detoxification. It pulls estrogen the main culprit for this condition out of the system, ensure to shrink fibroids and eventually eliminate it. Dandelion is mostly used in teas. The plant leaves and roots come with same healing properties. Further the leaves of this plant are used as flavor enhancer. It is also available in pill form.

  • Vitex/Chasteberry

It is highly effective for healing fibroids and uterine growths. For controlling the growth of fibroids the tincture of this plant is highly effective; take 30 drops of tincture of this herb at least three times a day for harnessing the estrogen responsible for fibroids. Vitex/Chasteberry is reliable solution for slowing the growth of uterus fibroids.

  • Ginger

Ginger comes with anti-inflammatory properties; it is effective for drinking ginger root a tea three to four times a day. Another benefit you can get from this herb is to soak a clean towel in hot ginger water then put this hot towel on your belly and compress it repeat three to four times a day; it will not only reduce the size of uterus fibroids but also minimize the pain associated with it.

  • Bladderwrack

It is another hormone balancing herb; comes with iodine, perfect for healing thyroid problem so you can use it for controlling estrogen as well. An easy way to heal your fibroids with this herb is to make a tea from it and drink at three to four times a day. It will shrink your fibroids. You can also use it in tablet form.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric comes with properties for preventing estrogen dominance, as we known estrogen is mainly responsible for development of fibroids.