Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a general term used for any infection caused by yeast which is actually a fungus. These fungus exist on exterior on body as well as inside. Our immune system keeps it under control so we are unaware of it. But when our immune system becomes weak then the yeast starts growing on its own space and its population increases and then we have these types of infection. One of the famous infection caused by yeast is called vaginal yeast infection caused by fungus “Candida albicans”. Yeast normally lives in vagina in innocuous small numbers. But in case of vaginal yeast infection their population crosses the threshold of this small un-harmful numbers. There are different names used for this condition such as candidal vulvovaginitis or candida vaginitis, vaginal thrush. The main symptoms of this vagina condition includes; sever irritation, pain during sexual intercourse or urination, vaginal discharge, burning and itching. Yeast infection can affect mouth, throat, skin, intestine etc. Being the most common form of yeast infection so in this article and other related article in this website we will explore this disease thoroughly.

What Is Yeast?

Yeast is a fungus. And it is close cousin of toadstools, mushrooms, puffballs and truffle. According to modern scientific research there are more than 100,000 various forms of fungus exist but according to some research there are more than 1.5 million of fungi forms exist on the surface of mother earth. Basically fungi are not plants because they lacking the important characteristic of plants “Chlorophyll”. They can’t make their own food and dependent on other things plants or animals for their food.

Fungi are found everywhere even the air we breathe contains different types of them. But the places where they are found in high concentration includes; damp place, windfall leafs, manure, soil, brackish water food leftover and fruits.

Fungi have many benefits for our day to day life such as truffle, mushrooms and without fungus we can’t imagine to prepare breed or beer as the yeast is the integral element of preparing these types of food stuff. But fungi are not always good…

As these fungi exist everywhere in our mouth, digestive tract, skin etc. but in most cases they are either not harmful or performing some good functions for your body. There are several hundred different types of yeast but only small of these yeasts are harmful. The yeast responsible for yeast infection is one of the strains called Candida Albicans.

This Canida Albicans lives in our throat, mouth, nose, women vagina, male sex organ, intestine and over the skin of all normal human being. It also serves some good jobs in human being bowl makes sure regular bowl movements. Medical evidence suggests that 90% of 6 month old babies show positive test for the existence of Candida Albicans. And this is the reason babies whose immune system is not strong enough to fight against this yeast start to show symptoms of yeast infection. So they exist in our whole life without noticing its existence. But question is where the problem gets start?

The answer is that the things flow in the normal fashion until our immune system is strong enough to keep Candida Albicans population in control. But when our immune system becomes weak then it loses the power for regulating the population of it and this is the time when it starts showing its effects on our body.

What is Vaginitis ?

Vaginitis is a general term used for various medical conditions; the common thing among all these vaginal problems is the inflammation of vagina and Vulva.

However for most women vaginits and yeast infection is one thing. So in this article we will focus on this issue and explore different ways to keep treat this vaginal infection.

Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

  • Vaginal discharge the color of which can white or yellow while its thickness range from thin to lumpy with the consistency of ricotta cheese.
  • Odor: sometime its odor might of yeast used in baking
  • The vaginal area is inflamed or swollen, the affected area is clearly visible
  • The infected will be itchy or painful
  • In some cases light vaginal bleeding is also noticed
  • Sexual intercourse is painful; feeling of pain during and after sex
  • Irregular urination and also painful
  • Redness
  • Rash

The above-mentioned symptoms are clear indications of vaginal yeast infection but it is not necessary that your have yeast infection because other vaginitis share the same symptoms so clearly analysis is important. So it is important to visit your physician and discuss the issue with him or her.

How Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infection?

  • Our Immune System and Yeast Infection:- As we now know that yeast infection is caused by fungus Candida Albicans. So the main focus of the patient should be to keep this infection causing bodies under control. The first and important safeguard against it is to adopt the ways and treatment to strengthen your immune system. As these yeast infection bodies are also exist inside and exterior of normal and healthy human beings but the problem starts when this defense system becomes weak and lacks the ability to stop its overgrowth. So to keep yeast inside and outside your body the first and important step is to focus on your immune system.
  • Avoid Moist Conditions:  being a type of fungus yeast love moist places. So to stop its growth it is important to keep things dry. You should keep the area around your vagina dry, it will stop further growth of these infection causing bodies. For example make sure to keep your body dry and especially the affected areas after shower or visiting bathroom.
  • Mind Your Clothes:- As we know yeast thrives on moist conditions so another important factor besides keeping your body dry after shower or another bathroom activity you should also think about your clothes. Your clothes must be made of material that allows a healthy air flow to keep your inside dry. Besides material formula another important thing is the design of your clothes; are they are designed to allows sufficient air flow to ensure the affected areas remain dry. For example, wearing unbleached cotton underwear is far more conducive to conditions that will discourage the development of yeast, because these materials allow your body to breathe and reduce the amount of natural perspiration at the same time. Avoid tight and dresses made of plastic and man made materials as they are sticky and thwart proper air flow. Besides design and materials of your dress it is also important that it is clean.
  • Mind Your Hormone Level:- As we know that yeast infection especially in genital area is more common in women when compared to men, what is the reason or reasons. The simply answer is the hormone difference. Men also can suffer from this condition but the frequency and severity is not the same as when compared to women. The female sex hormone progesterone performs important role in this unwanted vaginal condition development. The hormone level is on its peek during special women days such as during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause. And the chance of this form of yeast based vaginitis is extremely high during these special days. Discuss these issues with your doctor, he/she will then recommend the ways to keep these things under control for purpose of healing your yeast infection.
  • Beware of Irritating Chemicals:-  the chemicals found in your daily synthetic products such as soap,shower gels, detergent and related cleaning materials can also represent a yeast infection danger. It is better option to find products which organic and all-natural.
  • Sexual Practices:- As most of use know yeast infection is far more common in women than men but it doesn’t mean that men are absolutely  immune to it. men can also suffer from yeast infection( it is more common in uncircumcised men) so there is a chance it can be passed backward and forward between 2 sex partners. Condoms is the best option to prevent infection transfer but beware