How To Get Rid of Fat Thighs and Cellulite

Cellulite is a common health phenomenon in women. According to medical statics more than 85 percent of women are suffering from this condition. As we known cellulite is not a disease as such but a skin condition but it can source tension and mind tormenting for all those women who are especially sensitive for their beautiful look. Cellulite is especially a bad experience for women when they just wearing biking when the folks around them will clearly notice this anomalous skin condition.

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Cellulite can affect any area of your body but the most common victims of it are thighs, legs, buttocks and stomach.

What is cellulite?

As cellulite is not a disease, there is no pain associated with it. It is simple skin condition, in simple words a beauty spoiler located in trouble zone of feminine body such as legs, thighs, hips and butt. Cellulite means shadowy, bumpy and dimpled appearance of skin especially the female body parts such as legs, thighs, hips and butt. This word is first coined beautician in European beauty spa decades ago.

Cellulite can be solitary (small size) or in some cases it affect a large area. Cellulite has no direct link with weight gain, can occur with or not with weight gain.

How to Cure Cellulite on Legs?

Cellulite Types;

It is important to discuss different stages of cellulite before exploring methods of getting rid of this skin condition.

Grade 1 Cellulite:

It is the first stage and the mildest one, it can’t be looked via naked eye and microscopic examination is necessary to diagnose this preliminary phase of cellulite.

In this initial phase of cellulite there are several changes happen which can’t be viewed through naked eye. In this period the changes involve worsening of the skin dermis as well as the performance of blood vessels and capillaries which form a complex blood transport network throughout the skin also worsen. Similarly in the upper region of the dermis also start to lose some of its capillary network as well. The fat cells found in affected skin which is housed within the freestanding fat cell chambers start swelling with lipids. This fat cells swelling is considerably 2 to 3 times of the original size of the fat cells.  Another change happens in this first phase clumping of the fat cells also initiates.  Another thing occurs is the fluid buildup inside the tissue which is the consequence of the breakdown of the capillary system.  During this initial and crucial phase of cellulite fat projection initiates in the dermis and there is also an increased Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which allows the tissues to retain excess of water than normal condition.

Grade 2 Cellulite:

In this stage of cellulite formation the dermal worsening procedure continues while the micro-circulatory system also continues deterioration. In this second phase of cellulite the fat cells swelling and clumping is more obvious, which cause pushing the much needed blood vessels further away. In this phase gaps appear in the skin while at same time fluid accumulation also continues so now we are in position to view the orange peel skin. In this phase cellulite can detected via naked eye.

Grade 3:-

In this stage the microcirculatory system decline carries on resulting in slow down of metabolism in the skin’s cells. Another cellulite enhancing thing happens is the drastic reduction of protein synthesis and repair process. These two cellulite friendly thongs are responsible for thinning of the skin layer. Another thing is the deposit of the protein around the fat cell clusters. At the end of this third phase orange peel effects are visible on pinching the skin between finger and thumb.

Grade 4:-

In stage four hard nodules are visible in the skin on affected area. In this final cellulite formation stage the fat cell clumps enclosed in a hardened protein shell.

Best Methods For Removing Cellulite from Your Thighs

Home Remedies

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is one of the effective methods for drastically improving the size of your cellulite, this method is very common among the cellulite sufferers but not supported by scientific evidence.

This effective method is best for improving blood circulation as well as beneficial for removing toxins from your body.

Before starting brushing it is important to both the brush and your body are dry.

Focus all those area more which are mostly affected by cellulite.

Do this dry brushing 5 to 10 minutes daily before shower and after completing it take shower to remove the dead cells, be patient and continue it for some months till you notice a difference.

Cellulite Medical Treatment

As far as medical treatment of cellulite is concerned there are different procedures available for this skin condition but no guarantee 100% healing. Another issue is the lack of assurance of not occurring of this skin condition in future. Even after treatment some patients again have this skin condition.

There are different methods available for recovering from this skin condition but there is no proven method which works for all patients. Another problem with these different methods for dealing with cellulite is the lack of assurance in case of future nonoccurrence of the condition, as this condition can reoccur despite of the treatment and complete recovery.


Cellulaze is the first method for eliminating cellulite which is approved by FDA.  It is the most popular method for healing cellulite. In this cellulite treatment a small laser tube is inserted under cellulite affected skin. When the laser tube becomes hot it starts melting of the lumpy fat and also makes soft the fiber bands of the connective tissue tissues that are responsible for holding them together. Cellulite experts say that in majority of cases Cellulaze show amazing effect and even in some situations it completely removes the cellulite effects. But the main problem with this cellulite healing procedure is the cost, the minimum cost is $6000, and you have to pay more if you want to remove cellulite from a big area.


Zwave is another procedure for healing cellulite which is recently approved by FDA. This method is less effective than Cellulaze is only best for treating mild to moderate cellulite condition. This 100% non-invasive treatment, RPT radial pulse therapy supports to smooth cellulite and remodel collagen and firm the skin with help of radial pulse technology. In simple words the RPT is short-lived and powerful but non-invasive blasts of sonic energy through the skin’s surface. These controlled blasts are highly effective to break up some of the fibrous connective tissue that is the reason of cellulite, leading to disrupt fat structures beneath the skin, and boost collagen production.

For getting optimum benefit from this cellulite healing method it is important to repeat the sessions, 10 sessions for great improvements and repeat it 3 times per week. This method of healing cellulite is less expensive than Cellulaze but it is also less effective.  The cost per treatment of this method is approximately $400 to $500.

Other method includes; Subcision and Liposuction