How to Cure Cellulite on Legs?

If we define cellulite in simple words then it is the condition in which skin becomes lumpy and dimple for not obvious reason. This unwanted, beauty spoiling condition can affect any body part but the main area it can specifically attack includes; butt, legs, hips, thigs. There are different names and words used for this skin conditions such as orange peel skin, cottage cheese skin hail damage and the mattress phenomenon. The chance of its occurrence is more common in women than men.

How to Cure Cellulite on Legs?

There are different medical methods of treatment available from recovering from this skin condition, but there is no sure and absolute treatment which can work for all patients. Another failure of all these medical methods is the lack of assurance about the future of this condition. As there are many patients who are completely recovered from this condition after receiving medical treatment but again they are affected by this condition.

If you are one of the nearly 90% of adult women fighting against the  dimpled and bulgy, lumps on your legs, thighs, arms, stomach, or behind, you’re clearly in good company. There is no specific reason for cellulite; any one can be affected by this condition irrespective of gender, weight, fat, slim and thin any one can have this condition. But the question is how to get rid of this skin condition.

How to Cure Cellulite on Legs?


Cellulaze is the most advance method of reversing cellulite, it reliable, approved by FDA but it is also expensive. The minimum cost of this way of healing cellulite is $6000 which increases with size of the affected area. This is the most popular way of healing cellulite. In this advanced method small laser tube is inserted under patient’s skin. In this simple medical procedure the laser heats up, it starts melting of the lumpy fat and also makes soft the fiber bands of the connective tissue that hold them together. According to skin specialists Cellulaze works amazing in reducing the cellulite and in some case it completely heals the situation.

Zwave Treatment of Cellulite

This method of eliminating cellulite effects and is being recently approved by FDA. Zwave Treatment for cellulite makes use of high energy radial shockwaves to the area affected by this condition. Zwave treatment is for dealing with mild to moderate cellulite conditions. The effect of this Zwave treatment is that cellulite dimpled breaks apart by shockwaves and leads to collapse in the gas bubbles inside the fat structures.  This 100% non-invasive treatment RPT (radial pulse therapy) supports to remodel collagen and smooth cellulite and firm the skin with help of radial pulse technology. This radial pulse therapy is brief and powerful and consists of safe blasts of sonic energy through the skin’s surface. These controlled blasts of shockwaves are highly effective to break up some of the fibrous connective tissue. This fibrous connective tissue is the cause of cellulite. Furthermore it also disrupt fat structure beneath the skin and increase collagen product.

Zwave is basically a solitary treatment and is highly effective to stimulate collagen production and reconditioning of the connective tissue, the outcome of which is the smoothing of cellulite and firming of loose skin on affected parts of your body such as legs, arms and other body parts. It is short therapy and just lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. It is painless therapy and your doctor will place the Zwave hand piece on the affected area of your skin and then delivers the pulses of energy. The procedure is safe and painless the only thing you will feel a loud bang sound with on application of each pulse. After getting the treatment you can return to your routine schedule.

For getting the optimum benefits from this medical procedure experts say that it is important to repeat the sessions. The patient will notice great improvements after 10 sessions. For best results it is also important the repeat the therapy three times a week.  This medical process of healing cellulite is less expensive than Cellulaze but it is also less effective.  Its cost lies in range of $400 to $500 per sessions, while the cost also depends on the size of the affected area.


This is surgical method can also be used for treatment of cellulite. But subcision is also used for treatment of all those conditions where dermatological septa pull on the skin surface. In this medical process the dermatological fibrous septa are cut. This cutting reduces the traction exerted on the skin and creates hematomas which in turn stimulate the formation of new connective tissue. In this way it serves as autologous and physiological filler.

This Subcision treatment is effective in stage 2 & 3 cellulite. Because of in these 2 stages the lesions are visible when the patient is in the standing position with relaxed gluteus muscle. This minor surgical method is used for removing not only cellulite depressions and dimples but also can be used for other skins conditions effects such acne scarring on the face. This cellulite healing surgical treatment can be used on all types of skin, supports to remove depth of dimples and depressions giving your skin a better look.

In this simple and minor surgical treatment your physician will apply a local anesthesia to the focusing the affected area, the whole process is painless. In this simple method you doctor will insert needle into area of skin affected by cellulite. With help of these needles you physician will breaks up the bands of fibrous tissue responsible for cellulite. This fibrous tissue breaking enables the skin to heal properly. The skin starts generating new cells to fill the gaps come into existence because of this breaking of problem causing fibrous tissue. On completion of this painless surgery, compression dressings are applied to operated area and patients are usually able to drive home unaided.


In this method of healing cellulite your doctor will insert a narrow tube under the skin of cellulite affected area with help of tiny cuts the physician draws out fat cells from the cellulite. Experts say that liposuction is best way of shaping your body but it wouldn’t remove or improve your cellulite and in some cases it even deteriorate the appearance of your skin furthermore than cellulite. Laser assisted liposuction however comparatively best; this improved and newer version of cellulite treatment is capable of destroying fat cells and lightening the skin.

How Cellulite Comes Into Existence?

According to skin specialist hormones play a vital role in its formation. Hormones such as Estrogen, Insulin, Thyroid and other hormones can trigger this process of cellulite formation. For the formation of cellulite is divided into 4 different stages includes;

Stage 1:

In this initial stage of cellulite formation there are several changes occur but it is not possible to view these changes via naked eye, so there is no obvious clues of this condition on your skin. In this beginning stage there is worsening of the skin dermis while at same time the performance blood capillaries and vessels deteriorate. These blood vessels and capillaries form a complex blood transport network throughout human skin.

Not only in the deep of skin but also some of the blood capillary and vessels network deteriorates in the upper regions of the dermis.

Due to this blood network system deterioration the fat cells located in the skin which are accommodated within the freestanding fat cell chambers start swelling with lipids. The fat cells swell 2 to 3 times more than original size of the fat cells. Other things happen in this primary stage are the clumping of the fat cells. While at same time there is fluid accumulation inside the tissue which is the outcome of the breakdown of the capillary system. During this first stage, fat projection begins in the dermis of the skin and there is an increase Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which allows the tissues to retain excess of water than normal condition.

Second Stage:

During this second phase of the cellulite the deterioration of the dermal still continues while at same time micro circulatory also continues its deterioration. In this second stage of cellulite the fat cells swelling and clumping is more pronounced which cause pushing the much needed blood vessels further away. In this second phase the gaps become obvious and process of the fluid accumulation still continues the result of which can be seen in the form of orange peel skin.

Third Stage and Fourth Stage:

In these two stages the deterioration process of the microcirculatory system still continues the result of which is the slowdown of metabolism in the skin’s cells. Another adverse effect of this process is the substantial reduction in protein synthesis and repair process. This two factors; reduction in protein synthesis and repair process are responsible for the thinning of the skin layer. The protein deposit around the fat cell clusters also takes place in this third stage. At end of the stage three orange peel effects are visible on pinching the skin between finger and thumb.

In stage four hard nodules are visible in the skin on affected area. In this final cellulite formation stage the fat cell clumps enclosed in a hardened protein shell.