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Natural Fibroid Treatment Diet

In this article we will explore some natural and working remedies for controlling and healing uterine fibroids. Another name use for uterine fibroids is uterine leiomyomas. According to medical statistics approximately 75% of women come across this health issue is some stage of their lives. These non-cancerous tumors are not fixed in size; can few millimeters (pea size) or too big size like grapefruit.

Fibroid is one of the most common causes of gynecological surgery. Before discussing the natural treatment of fibroids it is important to define what are fibroids?

Can Fibroids Shrink With Diet

Natural Fibroid Treatment Diet

Fibroids are basically non-cancerous tumors exist inside the uterine walls. Fibroids can change shape or size of uterus plus different symptoms. Common symptoms include;

  • Heavy menstrual cycles ( menorrhagia) and the resulting anemia because of this heavy periods
  • Pelvic cramping
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • If it is very large then it can even cause a visible tummy bulge
  • Problem in urination; large sized fibroids exerts pressure on the bladder make you feel to go to toilet more frequent
  • Constipation; painful bowel movements due to pressure of large sized fibroids
  • Infertility

Some women feel the above-mentioned symptoms but some are symptomless.

According to some medical studies there is a strong and independent link between high blood pressure and fibroids especially in women premenopausal stage. So if you want to prevent or treat your fibroids then it is highly important to control your blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the chances of developing fibroids.

If you have fibroids and interested to control it then there are some causes which you can’t manage but there are some you can easily harness. The things with help of which can control these unwanted tumors is avoiding red meat, alcohol, caffeine containing beverages and eat higher quality meat (especially beef).

Natural Fibroid Treatment Diet

First we will mention all those foods which are bad for your fibroids and can cause hormone imbalance;

Foods with excess salt

Foods with excess salt are not easy for your liver to deal with. Liver is the important organ of your body to keep hormone at balance level while at same time serving the essential function of eliminating toxins from your body. So you need to feed your body with all those foods which can make the working process easy for your liver. If you have fibroids or want to protect yourself from it then you need to avoid the following foods;

  • Baked beans
  • Soups
  • Chips
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • And dried foods with excess salt such jerky

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats and processed meats are not good for your health and can become the cause of different health complications. If you have fibroids then it is important to reduce the amount of saturated fats from your daily routine. Saturated fats causes hormone imbalance; it raises the level of estrogen in your body which is responsible for fibroids. Foods with unhealthy fats such non-organic or processed meats or Trans fats can become the cause of inflammation in your body. Include in your diet plant based protein instead of meat.

Conventional and no-organic Dairy Products

Conventional and no-organic dairy products are mostly come with high amount of hormones, steroids and other unhealthy substances which provides a conducive environment for development of fibroids. Dairy products come with substance arachidonic acid. This arachidonic acid is a fat which is responsible for certain prostaglandins. These prostaglandins can become the cause of pelvic pain, cramps and inflammation. As dairy products carry high amount of fat can cause hormone imbalance. The animals are feed with foods which are high in hormones, steroids and antibiotics, these things are also present in the foods get from the animals. These steroids, antibiotics and hormones cause hormone imbalance.


If you are taking too much alcohol it will definitely increase inflammation throughout your body. Other bad things it will introduce in your body include; weight gain, curtailing your immune system function, hormone imbalance. If you have fibroids then it is important to reduce or eliminate alcohol from your daily routine for sake of bring back your hormone level to normal.


Too much caffeine is not a good thing for your body especially liver. If you are feeding your body with too much caffeine then your liver will find it hard to handle, it has to work more to bring your hormone level to normal. If you curtail caffeine from your daily routine your liver will be in good position to detoxify your body and keep your hormones at normal level making the things hard for fibroid to develop.

Refined Sugar and Grain Food

One cause of the inflammation in your body is consumption of refined sugar. If you curtail the amount of refined sugar it will not only eliminate the chances of inflammation but also protects your body from weight gain. As there is a relationship between weight gain and hormonal balance and hormone imbalance is the main cause of fibroids.

Refined grained foods come with less body essential elements which are eliminated during refining process and also carries extremely low amount of fiber. Refined grain foods such as white and bleached flour can cause hormone imbalance in your body. Refined grain foods offer more calories and less nutritional value.

Good Foods For Fibroids

  • Organic Food

As we know the hormonal balance is the cornerstone for controlling your fibroids condition. Organic foods come with natural nutrients which make possible prevention and shrinking of fibroids in natural and holistic way. As organic food are grown in natural environment without any chemical pesticides; pesticides used in nonorganic agriculture drastically influences the overall chemical structure of the foods such as estrogen levels as well as other important hormones. When you consumes these non-organic food all these artificially altered bad agents such hormones also become along with. Hormonal balance is the key to keep for your fibroids treatment so you need to reduce or eliminate nonorganic foods from your daily routine and go for organic naturally grown foods.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables come with lot natural nutrients keeping your body safe from different health issues. Women whose daily diet consists of more fruits and vegetables have less chances of becoming the victim of fibroids.

Fruits and vegetables not only come with natural essential elements for your body such vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes but also provide your body with sufficient amount of fibers. Fibers make possible removal of toxins from your body and ensure healthy hormone balance keeping the estrogen level at normal level.

  • Legumes

Legumes are also important for keeping your fibroids under control. Legumes such as peas and beans come with carry vital nutrients protecting your body form different types of diseases. As fibroids main cause is hormone imbalance, legumes come with an element lignans which serves the important function of keeping the hormones at balance level.

Further legumes also carry ample amount of fibers keeping making possible elimination of different types of toxins as estrogen and other bad damaging substances from your body.

Legumes are alkaline in nature which makes the environment adverse for fibroids to develop as it more easily develops in acidic environment.

You also need to include in your food other types of legumes such as soybean besides peas and beans. Soybean has all the essential nutrients found in peas and beans but also comes with phytoestrogens curtailing estrogen dominance and keeps your hormone at healthy level.

Can Fibroids Shrink With Diet

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseed is highly beneficial for keeping your fibroids under control and also makes possible its shrinking. Flaxseed carries generous amount of fibers eliminating toxins such as estrogens from your body. Flaxseed comes with phytoestrogens, a best agent for eliminating estrogen dominance in your body. So it is important to include this important seed in your daily routine for keeping your fibroids under control and ensure its shrinking in natural way.

Flaxseed also comes with essential fatty acids such omega3 fatty acid best for your heart.

  • Garlic and Onion

Garlic is the best cure for healing fibroids as it will make possible to block blood supply to the fibroids and prevent it from further development. If you continuously use garlic it will eventually shrink and degenerate your fibroids.

  • Organic Cold Water Fish

Cold water fish such as salmon, sardine and tuna are also best for healing fibroids. You will get sufficient amount of Omega3 fatty acid from these cold water fishes which will keep your hormone level at healthy level reducing estrogen dominance and curtailing inflammation.

  • Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables come with different anti-inflammatory properties ensures shrinking of fibroids. Besides anti-inflammatory benefits leafy green vegetables are also rich in vitamin K which is best for clotting blood and support control over menstrual bleeding.

  • Cruciferous Vegetables

These vegetables are best for detoxification of liver and support to keep the estrogen at normal level. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, apple, tomato come with ample amount of fiber and antioxidant properties provide protection against fibroids and also support shrinking of it.

  • Whole Grains

As already discussed refined food come with little nutritional value and more health hazards so it is best to take whole grains. Whole grain food comes with more fibers and nutrients, easy to digest.