Organic Health Protocol Reviews- A Product By Thomas DeLauer

The internet has plethora of fitness related digital products. Majority of these products are extremely low quality and we can called them scams. They come with exaggerated promises of giving your body a great looking shape in couple of days, totally in natural way and some of them even claim that you can achieve mind blowing results with just two minutes exercise per days. But despite of this there are still few products which have value for the customers, and can improve people situation. Among these few trustworthy products is Organic Health Protocol. In this Organic Health Protocol Reviews I will explore this product from different angles and justify our stance why I call it a legit fitness product.

Organic Health Protocol Reviews- A Product By Thomas DeLauer

No False Claims

As we already discussed fitness related products come with lot false hopes and presenting the clients with some sort of automatic solution. For health there is no automatic solution, even in medical treatment you have to adopt some healthy habits and abandon bad things then the medicines show its effect on your health. So in this product presentation you will not find any such thing. The product is presented in real tones, with no story telling style, explain what it can do and for what it is not an ideal solution, not a jack of all trades. So the overall approach is highly realistic without false hopes!

Organic Health Protocol Reviews- A Product By Thomas DeLauer

Not a Fresh New Product

This product is introduced in market in December, 2015, quite long ago. When deeply analyze the internet we haven’t found bad reviews about this product. The reason why this product has no succeeded in getting the people’s attraction is due to marketing factor. The people promoting other famous products majority of which are not working as already we discussed because the promoter are paid high commissions for those high ticket items. As this product is available for just $19 so they will just get very low commission when compared to those high tag items. So this is the main reason the majority of folks are not aware of its existence while the products with lot of media hypes come, reap their market share and then in couple of months vanish forever and the developer creates an new product with different name and same old stuff just changes some photos, marketing tactics and enticing testimonials.

The Person Behind This Organic Health Protocol

A real product from a real person! Other scam products the people are speaking just behind the screen all the voice over are done through paid actors/actresses. Here you will find a real person with real videos demonstrating what is Organic Health Protocol and How can It Change Someone Life?  While in case of other fitness related competing products you are just presented with screen shots, some stories and the bad thing is their terrifying tactics, which can severely damage the sufferer confidence and can aggravate his/her situation more.  So who is Thomas DeLauer?

Thomas DeLauer is a business, entrepreneur and performance coach. Thomas DeLauer  is National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certified personal trainer. He also writes for famous magazines such as Iron Man Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Natural Muscle Magazine.

Other testimonials for being a real person are his presence on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Reasons in Support That Organic Health Protocol Is Not A Scam?

No Scammy Marketing Tactics

The sale page of Organic Health Protocol is free of advertising scammy tactics. There is a brief demo of the product, it is short, with no false and lengthy selling story, well focus on the product attributes, without rambling things from here and there. Besides product explanation you will also get some benefits from the video as well.

Another point of the creator confidence in his product is absence of pop-ups blocking when you are leaving the sale and there is no enticing discounts which is something very common in other health related digital products. Because the creators want to sell their products with continuous pushing offers.

No Bonuses

You might be attracted by the bonuses but the truth is that majority of these bonuses are just rubbish with no health benefits. The creators of other fitness related products are offering generous number of products as bonuses and also claim that these bonuses have thousands of dollar value, which is absolutely a useless point to give high value books as free. The whole thing is for just to get more leads for the current product. If the creator has confidence in his/her product then he would not use these freebies tactics.

Real and Confident Man

The creator of this product is a real person, with real existence and presentation on different social media platforms. No just a voice man/woman as in case of the other weight loss programs. The scammy products use the actors/actresses voice and with fake names. You just listen someone with no real appearance on screen. While in this fitness product he himself explains the product with real appearance on screen, so he is not an obscure personality, a real product from a real man.

The Scientific Foundation

The creator of this product clearly explains the main reason of failure in weight loss is “CHRONIC INFLAMMATION”. The chronic inflammation is the main cause of obesity and you can’t lose weight despite of your hard attempts to get over this thing chronic inflammation. This is absolutely true and the medical community is totally in concordance with it. So the whole game of weight loss revolves around controlling and combating this kind of inflammation but majority of us are not aware of how to do it. And this is the reason for existence of plethora of scammy weight and fitness related products.  In this product by Thomas DeLauer this main issue is totally focused and so what he suggests will solve some people weight related issues.

Who is This Program For?

As in above paragraph we discussed that chronic inflammation is the most common cause of obesity. As this weight loss program is focused on chronic inflammation so it will work only for those people who have this problem because of this factor. If your weight issue is not because of the chronic inflammation then this program is not for you. So the best advice is before buying this program it is important to discuss your weight issue with your doctor. If it is due to chronic inflammation then you will definitely find it useful.

Contents of the Program

This fitness book consists of 24 pages. There are different food recipes for keeping your body fit and eliminating the fats from your body. Besides food recipes there are some advices about exercises and eating habits. In this book the creator mentioned some habits which if you follow consistently will help you reduce weights such as

  • Your diet contains organic food, avoid processed foods
  • Include in your routine ample quantity of water
  • Breakfast is must!

Another thing mentioned in this fitness course is a 30 minutes of cardio exercise. Before exercise you have to take lemon water empty stomach before breakfast. After this 30 minute of exercise you can then have your breakfast.

The creator also mentioned in this book to take proteins during your breakfast as well as in lunch but abstain from it in dinner. During this weight loss program you have to take vitamins supplements which can be taken from the 4th day of this fitness program.

Pros and Cons Of Organic Health Protocol By Thomas DeLauer


  • A product from a real and confident person
  • Supported by Scientific This weight loss formula is backed by scientific research. This whole weight loss formula revolves around inflammation. Inflammation is the major cause of weight gain according to scientific research. In this scientific studies researches found out a direct link between weight gain and increase in levels of CRP (C reactive protein). This CRP ( C-reactive protein) is responsible for inflammation.
  • Simple Programs Easy To Implement:- All the things you need to implement this fitness formula are provided; the diet plan, required supplements and exercises, all explained in very detailed way in his videos so there is no risk of injury because of doing these course related exercises.
  • Real testimonials taken from his verified Facebook page.
  • No scammy marketing tactics normally found in competing weight loss products
  • The creator has an active YouTube channel as well with lot of useful informatio
  • Low Price weight loss product when compared to competing digital products the price almost 50% lower than competing products.
  • This weight loss program is protected with 30 days money back guarantee.


  • It is only available online in digital format; PDF and videos.
  • For getting the desired results from this fitness program consistency is important; it works but only if you follow all the steps and continue it for the prescribed period of time, no quick loss weight formula.
  • This program is not a solution for all your health problems especially related to obesity; you will find this program beneficial for diseases caused by inflammation like diabetes but this weight loss formula is not the alternative for medical treatment.

Final Verdict!

We highly recommend this weight loss formula for the following reasons;

This product is not from an obscure personality as the case with many digital products for different health issues. You can watch a real person and his family, on his YouTube channel, Facebook and all the testimonial are also real taken from his Facebook page.  The person behind this course is highly confident with sturdy body and you will feel this guy knows what he is taking about.

You can watch his YouTube videos and Facebook page to judge how much knowledgeable this person about the stuff he is talking about.

Not an obscure, irresponsive person, you can contact him and he will respond you in quick span of time. He never minds the negative comments and answers them as well.

If you are looking for a quick weight loss formula then this Organic Health Protocol is not an ideal product for you.  Furthermore if you don’t like digital products or looking for a product which will cure your inflammation related other diseases then this course is not for you. It is a weight loss program with focus on inflammation. But not a remedy for healing other health issues caused by inflammation of course it will bring some improvement but it is not an absolute healing process for your other inflammation related health problems.

But if you are interested in program to lose some extra pounds while following a weight loss program in consistent way; diet planning, exercises and vitamin supplements then this course is best for you.

There are plethora of online weight loss programs some of these programs is very difficult to implement come with lot generic advices or some of them are just scammy.

We strongly believe this program will work as comes with lot of useful information and supported by a real person.

You will not lose your money; as it is protected with 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with performance of this program you will be refunded!