Penis Enlargement Remedy Review (Tom Candow)

If you are not happy with default size of your vital sex device “Mr. Penis” then you are on right place as we are going to explore one of the modern, scientifically approved noninvasive and safe homed based system called Penis Enlargement Remedy. In this reliable stem cells based therapy the developer Tom Candow explained the scientific phenomenon of increasing your shaft size without going to harmful surgeries, teasing extenders and pumps. Simple physical exercises will give your penis the ideal size, the size women love!

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Penis is the vital organ in man body. Most of us want to have large penis and also powerful, long lasting sexual stamina. If you are a man looking for a natural and safe method to have big size then you might find the Penis Enlargement Remedy a perfect solution! The product claims that it comes with all proven and tested method for achieving the objective of ideal size. If you are interested in this PE Remedy then read this reviews for exploring all the pros, cons and benefits of this natural penis enlargement system.

What Is Penis Enlargement Remedy?

The developer of this product explained the whole system of size enlargement in easy to follow step by step approach. All the methods provided in this system are natural and 100% are drug free and have no room for using extenders and pumps. The system claims that after using the tricks you will achieve your dream size, not only you will get the size your woman loves but also the stamina, power and vitality your big size penis demand! As small size penis requires little energy for erection while the big size need more fuel for drilling! So this comprehensive system takes into account all those things your woman needs for optimal orgasms (the big size plus the power to run this giant cum gun).

Penis Enlargement Remedy Review (Tom Candow)

Who Is behind This Stem Cells System for Penis?

All the methods explained in this product for getting ideal shaft size are conceived by Tom Candow. Who is Tom Candow?

He is a professional sex educator. Tom is also a researcher and consultant. In his consultancy and research field he helped thousands of people suffering from penis size issue. He says that there are natural and safe ways available for healing size issue as well as sexual stamina. In this product he recommends different types of safe exercises for increasing organ size and also mentioning different herbs for curing erectile dysfunction.

The Layout of the Program

This penis enlargement program is divided into three distinct phases; well coherent and come together at end of the book.  These three phases are further divided into subsections for understating easy to follow the steps in each phase;

Phase one: The Stem Cell Secret

  • The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal
  • Side Effects of Stem Cells
  • Stem Cells in Us
  • What we Use for Stem Cell Release

In the first phase the developer explains the whole phenomenon of the stem cells, how it works providing the users the basic understanding how this stem cells process will work for increasing the penis size.

This phase is highly important for understanding of this system; increasing the curiosity of the reader and strengthens his belief in this system. If you don’t believe in a system you will not follow the steps enthusiastically and there is a greater chance of not achieving the optimum results from the system. So Tom Candow teaches the reader the overall system of stem cells and how it affects your whole body, in this case your penis size.  The reader is placed into a ready-to-act mode by increasing his confidence in system, understanding the basics of the techniques.

Phase Two: Body Exercise

  • Generate hGH Legally
  • Weight Training for Optimum hGH Production and Muscle Growth

In this phase the reader is provided information about the human growth hormone so your penis also grows with increase in your overall health growth. As may know hGH supplements are banned in some countries as they contain potentially dangerous ingredients. So the only safe way left is to generate them naturally in your body.

In the second phase of this book this process of natural hGH is fully explained.

Phase Three: Accelerate

  • Penis Exercises
  • Acceleration Program
  • Developing an Exercise Schedule
  • Besides Side, Exercise Can Help With

In this final phase of program you will learn different types of penis enlargement exercises. These exercises are simple and not painful like penis extenders…

In this comprehensive exercise phase you will learn three most important and famous penis enlargement movements for increasing your penis size naturally. Besides size increase these movements also support stay hard erections.

In this phase you will learn how many times you need to a specific exercise and also mention the length of time for the exercise, further you also receive a chart to properly track your penis growth.

When you finish the book you will be in position to fully implement all the steps involved for getting the ideal penis size. You will not be leave confused and wondering what to do and how to put these apply methods.

Is it Age Specific?

The simple answer is “NO”. This formula works for any man at any age; 25, 35,45,55,65… As the human body overall stem cells system works in same fashion so there is no age issue, you can use this product whatever your age is and can get optimum size benefits from it.

The Scientific Base of Penis Enlargement Remedy

The core concept on which this system is based called Stem Cells Growth. As you might know that stem cells is scientific way of healing different health issues such as diabetes and more. In this penis enlargement system the developer mentioned two supplements and some stretching exercises. After taking those supplements your stem cells are in good status to achieve optimum benefits from simple stretching exercise. The penis cells and tissue are in super ready mode to accept stimulation from these simple stretching exercises when compared to situation when you are not using these special stem cells supporting supplements.

In this article due to copyright issue we can’t explain how the stretching exercises work and what are the names of those important herbal supplements which bring your penis into position for accepting optimum benefits from stretching exercises.

Does Penis Enlargement Remedy Works?

This penis enlargement guide has already been used and tested by many men, satisfied with performance of this product. Majority of men who have used this product expressed their positive opinions about it. If you follow the steps and methods then you will get the optimum benefits from this male enhancement system. Another positive thing about this PE program beside the positive experiences of its current users is the 60 days Money Back Guarantee; you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results of this system. This refund policy for the purchaser so you can get you money back anytime in this 60 day period. You can check the whole system, and decide whether it deserves the price. If you are not satisfied just email in the member area and you will get your money back!

Why This Penis Enlargement System? Why Not Other Competing Products?

The answer is simple; all other competing products are lacking the clarity to explain how there system works and most importantly they are lacking the scientific base. Why this product is totally a scientific formula; explaining how the stem cells perform to transform the functionality of different body parts. Stems cells are now using in treating different health problems such diabetes and more. So this is a new scientific method of healing different health issues for which there are no solutions available in oral drugs as well as surgery. So stem cells based method is 100% proven for successfully treating different health problems and the developer of this product claims this works also for penis enlargement. So we should give it a chance by taking into account its success in treating other diseases.

Is It another PE Scam?

This PE program comes with solid scientific foundation, stems cells phenomenon which works for treatment of other diseases such as diabetes and more, it will also work for this issue as well. Majority of other competing products have no solid scientific base.

What is Included in This PE Remedy?

This comprehensive penis enlargement system is focused on improving your sexual experience; you will find solution for following sex related issues;

  • Erectly dysfunction (ED) and how to harness this intimidating sex issue can spoil the beauty of your sexual life
  • Working methods for increasing your penis size
  • The proper ways to use your hands for increasing your penis size; completely different from masturbation, your penis will get the ideal exercise without making it hard as in case of pure masturbation
  • Reasons of premature ejaculation and how to harness this penis issue
  • Tested and reliable herbs for enhancing your penis size

This comprehensive penis enlargement product is accompanied by the following bonuses as well;

  • Bedroom satisfaction tips
  • How to become an alpha male
  • Infidelity investigation
  • And the no touch orgasm system


  • Simple and easy to follow PE system; no complex techniques are involved, no special tools extender, pumps etc. are required, with simple use of your hands you can achieve all those marvels claimed in this pack. It is written in simple easy to understand language, if you are not a native English speaker then OK. You can easily grab the substance of this system for fully achieve the claimed benefits, no language and culture bears handicap the performance of it, every men anywhere can get all those benefits from it. There is no tension of buying some special tools while the herbs needed in this course are easily available in any country. No hard to find herbs are included in this course. The techniques are explained in simple and detailed format. If you have any query about the product then you can access the support team.
  • It is affordable product. You can save money by just buying this simple system. Large sized penis is the dream of many men. Thousands of dollars are spent to get the ideal penis size. But this penis enlargement system is very cheap and affordable, you can get a full working natural noninvasive system for getting your ideal sized penis as well as strong staying-long erections, all this are achieved with very low price. It is cheaper and the price is less than bottle of penis enlargement pills which works just for 10 days while the solution here you get are permanent while in case of sex enhancement pills all the achieve stamina and size growth are temporary. So you can save substantial amount of money.
  • A safe, natural holistic system for increasing your penis size as well as enhancing your libido. All the steps involved in this program are natural and safe for your overall health. While other drug based treatments can create serious health issues for you.
  • It boosts you confidence! Every man wants to fully satisfy his GF or wife in bedroom. But there are lots of them who lack all those talents to give wife or GF optimum orgasms because of the size issue, erectile dysfunction as well as not having sufficient sexual stamina. In this comprehensive sex course you will get solution for all these problems.
  • It offers solutions for different sex issues not only focusing size problem; you can get rid of different sex problems such as premature ejaculation, increase your sexual stamina and a perfect remedy for ED problem.


  • Only available online in digital form. It is only offered online; there is no hard/soft copy of it. You can’t get it in local stores. You are required an internet connection for downloading this program from the developer’s website.
  • It is not fast fix system! It works but requires consistency and adherence to the steps mentioned in this eBook. You will get the benefits claimed in this PE Guide over a period of time, not overnight! Patience and consistency is required for getting optimum benefits from this penis enlargement system.

Not a Solution for Everyone

Penis Enlargement Remedy is not an ideal solution for your size problem if you are already engaged with  or have a plan of engagement to following solutions then Penis Enlargement Remedy is not for you; for example:

  • If you are taking weird dangerous pills then it will not work
  • If you are happy pumper or extender then good by
  • If you are born with spasmodic nature and leave things after some days, lacking consistency then this system wouldn’t work, it requires consistent following of the steps mentioned in this blueprint.

Final Thoughts

At the moment this is the best working natural and safe penis enlargement system available online. It is highly famous among all those people who want to extend their sex organ by couple of inches but are not to achieve this goal by passing through expensive and dangerous surgery. The results you will achieve with this PE Remedy are permanent and not like those achieved with male enhancement pills which are temporary, the effects of which are gone when the treatment is stopped.

With this male enhancement system you will be in better position to make your wife or GF happy in bed, with big size rock solid penis you can easily target the sexy spots of the vagina for optimum mind blowing orgasms.

This system works as it has lots of highly satisfied current users. The product is reliable supported by modern scientific phenomenon “the stem cells therapy”. Stem cells therapy is highly successful for all treating all those health issues for which there are no solution in conventional medical procedures.

Your hard earned money is safe if you want to buy this product for healing your sexual problems as this product is protected with 60 Days Money Back guarantee.


But the first question which would come in mind of many men is;

Why A Big Cum Gun?

The answer is simple “women love it and adore it”, the first thing she will fix her eyes after exposing the hidden things is your penis. Whatever is the status of your vital sex tool is at time of exposure “erect or non-erect” she will judge by her experience what is the size and how it explore her sexy zones. According to different surveys’ results about the ideal size of this vital sex tool men love 8 inch; the size which they believe is perfect for hitting all those sex zones for sexual arousal and optimum orgasm. The bad news for majority of men is that 94% women love 8 inch dick size. Check your size and majority of men fail in this first and most important check and knockout list.

A man without penis is not a man! And if he has small and tiny thing fixed to him by nature just he looks like man, then it is not OK for majority of women. Women love those men with big thing for drilling.

The big organ will make you appear more sexy and powerful to women, more masculine and attractive.

Small penis almost fails to hit the deep nerves in woman’s vagina, so despite of your extreme desire you can’t stimulate her spots for extreme orgasm.

Love and orgasms are directly proportion, if you give a woman extreme orgasms she will simply adores you and her love and feeling for you can be seen in her eyes. Orgasms release the love hormones make her addicted to you.

If your penis size is not perfect for ideal orgasms then you are just jeopardizing your current relationship and future relationships and most importantly the confidence of driving your sex horse in the direction you want.

So size matters; all those people who say size is irrelevant are leaving in fool paradise. All those women who are sexually curious then the main reason of their curiosity is to find the ideal size. You have the time to save your  current relationship and future by taking some penis enlargement steps, don’t be lazy and satisfy with some sweet words of your woman that she loves you and happy in this relationship.

How To Change My Penis Size?

There are many products available especially online for solving this issue. But the problem is most of them are not working, some are partially and one problem which all have is the results are not permanent, and when you stop the treatment all those changes which you achieved by spending your hard earned money and your precious moments of life gone in just couple of weeks and months and things come to all those small and tiny size which 94% women simply don’t like.

The good news that you can now change your organ size safely, naturally, permanently and most importantly in the privacy of your own house, even your wife/GF will not be aware of it. This safe and secret system for enlarging your penis size is called Penis Enlargement Remedy.

In this penis enlargement system the developer teaches the people how to use the power of stem cells to marvelously increase the size of your shaft. As you known stem cell is the type of cell that can transform into any type of cell. It can become your brain cell, your muscle cell and most importantly the penis tissue cell for enhancing your organ length as well as girth.

There are some easy ways available with help of which you can tweak your body biochemistry makes possible to grown your penis size again by just converting stem cells into penis cells. With this simple penis enlargement method you can easily increase your penis size from 2 to 4 inches without taking any drugs or using extenders and pumps, all the results you achieve with help of simple natural methods and the good news is that you get 100% permanent result.

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