Sapphire Professional Whitening System

One of the best systems designed for teeth whitening is Sapphire Professional Whitening System. It is most popular teeth whitening system among the dentists. At time of writing this piece of content more than 4000 dentists were using this trusted formula for teeth whitening. This technique has been applied on more than 250000 patients.

A fascinating smile is something impossible without bright teeth. If your teeth are beautifully designed but they lacking the lustrous and are stained as well as yellow then it is sufficient to spoil your smile. Your bright smile is the first impression with which you can entice the world but it needs your teeth are clean, stain free and without yellow plaque. Don’t let the bad looking stained teeth in the way of your fascinating smile! Achieve a great looking smile with Sapphire Professional Whitening System.

Who Conceived This Teeth Whitening System?

This system is made by famous name Den-Mat they are the same behind Lumineers. Den-Mat named this system Rembrandt Sapphire In-Office Whitening System but later on it was given a new name when this system wash sold to Oral-B. In this teeth whitening system there is powerful use of Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional grade teeth whitening gel.

Sapphire Professional Whitening System

How Does This Teeth Whitening System Work?

In this formula make uses of high intensive Sapphire Plasma Arc Light plus a quality professional grade teeth whitening gel.

Den-Mat conducted two studies in different situation to judge and compare the effectiveness of this treatment for stained discolored and plaque infected teeth; the teeth bleaching with and without light. In this comparison analysis the same gel had been used with and without light for the same period of time. More whitening results were obtained with gel and light.

This is a simple two-step process;

  • First cover your gums thoroughly with protective gel.
  • In the next step your dentist will apply hydrogen peroxide gel (35% H2O2) to your teeth. This hydrogen peroxide gel is light activated that boosts the stain removing process. It will enhance its effects by shining the Sapphire light on the teeth. On completion of this treatment the gel is removed.

Den-Mat explains this process of teeth whitening with help of power Sapphire light;

“The light in this bleaching process helps the cleaning of teeth in two ways;

  1. The Sapphire’s bleach formulation makes possible absorption of light in the blue end of the spectrum. This makes exited and decomposed into highly effective reactive intermediators with capability to attack the colored compound responsible for making stains on your teeth.
  2. Furthermore this absorption of blue light also brings the colored stain materials into activated form to perform actively with hydrogen peroxide for fast bleaching.

How Much Time Is Required For This Process To Work?

It is fast and just needs 30 minute time.

Advantages Of This Teeth Whitening System

  • It is the fast and highly effective teeth whitening solution! The competing over the counter, home based solutions needs weeks and even months for showing its transitory effects. While the rival professional teeth whitening systems require several visits, quite routine disturbing for majority of folks. While this is a just job of one hour, and one visit, extremely fast!
  • If you have sensitive teeth or looking for a painless teeth whitening procedure then the Sapphire Teeth Whitening is the ultimate choice.

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