Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse 67 Jets Sterling Silver Shell, Grey Spa Reviews, Pros and Cons

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Hot tub is becoming the necessity for shedding the stress of modern lifestyle. In this busy world people are now spending a substantial amount of their monthly earnings on those things to just keep their body and mind in relax mode. There are different modern gadgets made for achieving this objective of soothing the body and mind. Hot tubs are now quite popular among people who in past used to visit spa houses for these body relaxing services. Professional spa house treatment is very expensive and time consuming as well. You have to arrange the time for getting treatment. So in simple word the spa house service is also a source of stress and tension. Because of you have to arrange free time from the busy schedule of your life. So for majority of buys folks it is not something possible to sustain for long time. This is the reason industry targeted this need of busy folks with in house hot tubs. These modern hot tubs provide almost the same functionality of external spa house. There are different brands and models of hot tubs available at moment. If you are looking for a quality hot tub spa online then you will find the selection process difficult especially if you are doing this process of buying a best product online. So this is the reason in this article we will explore one of the best hot tubs “Essential Hot Tubs 67 Jets Syracuse Sterling Silver Shell”.   So let’s explore the striking features, pros and cons of this body relaxing system.

Technical Specifications

  • Seating Capacity: 5-6 people
  • Dimensions: 85-inch x 85-inch x 36-inch
  • Water capacity: 400 gallons
  • LED Lighted Waterfall
  • Pumps: 1x 4HP 2 SPD plus 1x 4HP 1 SPD plus Blower
  • Requires 240V/50A Electrical Connection
  • Bluetooth facility: yes
  • Ozone included: Yes
  • Steps included: yes
  • Cover included: yes

Key Features of Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse

  • Product brand name: Essential Hot Tubs
  • Product name: Syracuse
  • Color: Sterling Silver/Grey
  • Origin: Designed and manufactured in USA
  • 51 two-tone jets
  • 16 stainless Steel jets
  • Seating for 6 with Captain’s chairs and Lounger
  • Heavy duty construction, serve your needs for many years to come
  • Robust and long lasting construction
  • The system needs 240V electrical connection for working
  • LED light to the specially molded waterfall right at your fingertips

Who is this product for?

This in house spa is made for people who are looking for a best alternative of professional spa service provider. External spa services are not only expensive moneywise but they are also not affordable for people who are on tight time budget. So with this Essential Hot Tub you can get the same soothing and relaxing benefits as your professional spa services are famous for. You have to spend thousands of dollars on this product, that is something huge and budget affecting but in long run you will feel material good effects on your cash flow. Another beauty of this spa house is that it is not made just for single person. It is a family size structure and your whole family will enjoy the experience of treatment almost the same as the external spa service provider. But for people who regularly use external spa and also have tight time routine so can’t afford to kill some free moments for this thing called “spa treatment”. So hot tub is best option for people who are looking for in house spa treatment.

Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse Spa 67 Jets Sterling Detail

This features rich Syracuse Essential hot tub spa is designed and manufactured in USA. So there is no fear of low quality China manufactured products, majority of which don’t perform well. It is stylish, offers the luxury of professional spa service provider in the privacy of your house while in monetary terms it is very affordable. It is very affordable in house spa. When compared to competing hot tubs models with same features and functions it is very cheap. Products with same features and functions are charging prices in range of $10K to 12K. While at time writing this review the Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse Spa was offered with price below $6K. So it is extremely affordable and low price, a best opportunity for people looking for a quality and reliable in house hot tub spa.

The system ergonomic 4 to 6 person seating offers the opportunity for every member of your house to get the same treatment in company. You can’t afford this luxury of whole family relaxation treatment in external spa house. It comes with captain’s chairs as well as full body lounger, an amazing opportunity for your whole family to sooth their mind and body without spending any money at all. The expenses of the system for single person treatment and for 6 people are the same. No stress on your budget!

The hot tub heavy duty Acrylic shell houses 51 stainless 2-tone jets as well as 16 stainless steel jets while in zone controlled seating allow the user to achieve optimum comfort for your whole body from head to toe.

The beauty of this hot tub spa is that its each captain’s chair comes with features such as rollover Neck and Shoulder jets that allow you set the scene to enjoy the spa.

This comprehensive spa allows its users to fully enjoy this mind and body relaxing process. To enhance the quality of spa treatment, experts say just water treatment is not something to achieve the whole objective of a spa. A music touch plays a pivotal role takes your body and mind relaxing experience to next level. So this is the reason you will find in this system A Bluetooth capable sound system that is accompanied by dual speakers located in the acrylic shell while a subwoofer housed inside the no maintenance faux wood exterior cabinet, so water treatment and music are in perfect harmony to give you, your family and guests a completely customized experience.

The system digital back lit display puts all the options from underwater LED light to the specially made waterfall right extremely hassle free at your fingertips.

You can easily choose from different options of level of Relaxation. All this is made possible by 3 high performance pumps allows the user to choose from smooth, tranquil moment to a full body hydrotherapy experience.

The heat level is under your control. The hot tub spa is equipped with very efficient and powerful 4KW Balboa heat so there are no unwanted fluctuations in temperature. The system performs according to your recommendations whether it is a cold winter day or the summer evening no performance variation. The heater provides the water with level of heat you want for your hydrotherapy.

The finishing touch of this hot tub spa comes with insulated heavy duty tapered cover. This tapered cover is made of full thicker than industry standards, so ensures perfectly to protect your hot tub from nature’s elements.

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What’s In the Box?

  • Hot Tub
  • Protecting Cover

Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Hot Tubs Syracuse

Can Bromine be used without any problem?

Yes, you can use Bromine but make sure it is not Sodium Bromine.

What’s the color of cover included in this package?

The color is not fixed. You will find one of the following color cover in your package;

  • Brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black

Is This Hot tub spa insulated?

Yes. It is insulated with premium quality material. The finishing touch of this hot tub spa comes with insulated heavy duty tapered cover. This tapered cover is made of full thicker than industry standards, so ensures perfectly to protect your hot tub from nature’s elements. It is insulated behind the access panels with perimeter foam. In case you want to remove it for service then it is easily removable for hassle free repair.

What is the maximum temperature for this spa?

104 F°

Does this hot tub come with UV sanitizer?

No there is no UV sanitizer in this system.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable and low price when compared to competing models with same features charging prices in range of $10K to 12K.
  • Good pumps with dependable pressure.
  • No leaks
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to use and controllable jets by turning them off.
  • Quality and working LED lights
  • Quality insulation


  • There is no specific issue associated with it.

Why in House Hot Tub Spa?

In this busy world majority of us spend a big chunk of our money on things that eliminate the stress associated with busy and modern lifestyle. In market you will find different products especially designed for achieving the objective of keeping your body and mind in relax and also eradicate the already fed bad things from them. One of the services people in old and also in modern time use for this mind and body soothing and that is hot spa treatment. But most people don’t have luxury of free time as they have in the past to visit these spa runs by professional therapists. Now these spa houses become very modern and well equipped but due to shortage of time we can’t afford the daily or more frequent visits. So this is the reason the industry responded to this necessity of busy folks to equip the market with state-of-the-art working and dependable hot tubs. These modern hot tubs come with all those services you will get in external spa houses. The beauty of these in house hot tubs is that you get a perfect body soothing treatment in privacy of your house with extremely little spending. You just need to spend on electricity after buying a quality hot tub. You can easily recover the money in couple of years by saving the money you have to pay to external spa houses. But other benefits are that the spa is not just for one person. A large size spa can easily accommodate your whole family. You can easily pick a spa house according to your family size; you can easily choose from these options two, four, six and even eight person hot tub. A last but not the least benefit of in house hot tub spa is the time saving.

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