Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 100 Jets Sterling Silver Shell, Grey Reviews

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Hot tub use is now quite common among people for alleviating the stress of modern lifestyle. The services of professional spa houses are expensive and also not affordable timewise as well for majority of buys folks. To fill this gap of home based spa services the industry responded quite well by manufacturing state-of-the-art hot tubs. If you are looking for a quality hot tub but can’t decide to choose the best one because of plethora of online information then you are on right place because here we will explore one of the premium quality hot tubs “Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 100 Jets.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: seats for accommodating 6 to 7 people
  • Dimension: 91-inch x 91-inchx 40-inch
  • Water capacity: 480 gallon
  • Number and power of pumps: 3 x 5BHP Water Pumps
  • Bluetooth Input
  • Ozone facility included
  • Two Speakers
  • And a Subwoofer
  • 4LEDs: Controls
  • Cup Holders
  • Cabinet Exterior
  • Water Feature
  • Main Underwater
  • Steps included
  • 5-inch x 3-inch Insulated cover with locks
  • Requires 240V/60A Electrical Connection

Key Features of Essential Hot Tubs Calypso

  • Product brand name; Essential Hot Tubs
  • Model name: Calypso
  • Color: Grey
  • Hot tub origin: USA
  • Comes with 100 stainless steel 2-tone jets
  • 100 two tone stainless steel adjustable jets include;
    • 56 back jets
    • 14 neck/ shoulder jets
    • 8 hip jets
    • 16 let jets
    • 6 foot Jets 8 hip jets
  • LED controls
  • LED cup holder
  • LED water feature
  • And LED perimeter accents
  • Seating for up to 7, including full Lounger
  • Bluetooth stereo with subwoofer
  • 3 high performance water pumps with 15 total horse power
  • Ozone generator that will help reduce the need for sanitizer in water.
  • Matching steps
  • Cover is included in this package
  • Product weight: 700 pounds
  • Product measurement: 91 length x 91 width x 40 height inches
  • Backed by 5 years limited warranty

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Who is this product for?

This hot tub spa is made for all those busy folks who are interested in to have their own in house spa with same functionality and features as the services of external spa service provider. Majority of people find the services of professional spa houses not only expensive but also hard to use because of lack of time. You have to set a time for visiting the spa house, time consuming and also tension causing. The beauty of this high end hot tub is that you will get the treatment you will get in professional spa house in privacy of your house.

Another beauty of this unit is that it is available to your whole family and friends. There is no need to spend more money because the cost of treating one person or a group of people is the same.

It is also cost effective. In the beginning you will feel some stress on your cash flow but in long term you will feel positive effects on your budgets. The system electricity and maintenance costs are minimal. So in long run you will find this system of body relaxing extremely beneficial.

It is also a best product for people with tight time schedule who can’t afford the luxury of visiting the spa house regularly. Now you have your own in house spa, freedom and privacy, any time you can get the treatment. Money, time and privacy are in perfect harmony!

Essential Hot Tubs Calypso Detail

You will find this Calypso hot tube a game changer for providing a perfect physical and mental soothing experience.   The designing and manufacturing process of this Essential hot tub spa is taken place in USA. It is not a low quality China made product. You can equip your house with this unit with confidence. The manufacturer has the confidence in its product, this is the reason it is protected with 5 years limited warranty.

It is not only perfect and made of premium quality materials for serving your needs for many years to come but it is also extremely affordable. The price tag is very low when compared to competing models with same features and function from other brands. In market a product equipped with these features are priced in range of 12K to 14K. While this hot tub is offered with price under $6.5K. So this Calypso hot tub is a best opportunity for in house spa lovers to avail.

It is highly important to know that hot tubs especially made by Essential hot tubs brand are not available for longer time. The company has the routine to replace the old models with new so it is best time to avail this discounted opportunity for the premium and high end hot tub.

It is equipped with 100 adjustable jets;

  • 56 back jets
  • 14 neck/ shoulder jets
  • 8 hip jets
  • 16 let jets
  • 6 foot Jets 8 hip jets

The 100 adjustable jets make the hot tub treatment easy for you. You can easily customize and adjust the jet direction, pressure and airflow to create a perfect environment for meeting your specific soothing.

In this Spa you also find additional sensory options like an integrated Bluetooth stereo or complete LED package.

In this comprehensive unit you will find features such as cup holders, cabinet exterior lighting, water feature and underwater main light for creating an ambiance for exceptional physical and mental soothing. You can create an ideal color environment for satisfying your psychological and physical needs. All these idyllic things are achieved with simple press of a button!

Finally, all this luxury in a synthetic wood exterior which needs little to no maintenance so make it fit for serving your needs for many years to come.

The built-in ozone generator curtails the needs for sanitizer in water resulting in substantial amount of money. You need to use sanitizers but not in quantity as used in other models lack this feature.

The generous capacity accommodates 6 to 7 people without any space problem. So every member of your family gets a professional spa treatment without spending an extra dime because the cost for serving one person or group of people is almost the same.

This comprehensive hot tub spa offers generous mind and body relaxing things. According to spa experts a quality spa treatment also needs a music touch. Quality music takes your spa treatment to next level. This is the reason in this spa you will get a Bluetooth capable sound system. There is a dual speaker system located in the acrylic shell while a subwoofer house inside the no maintenance faux wood exterior cabinet make the environment perfect for exceptional spa treatment. So you, your family and friends get the perfect soaking in exceptionally melodious mind soothing environment.

It offers flexible levels of relaxation. All this is made possible by the unit 3 high performance pumps. So you can choose from smooth, tranquil moment to a full body soaking in extremely easy way.

You can easily harness the heat in this hot tub spa. The unit comes with powerful & efficient 4KW Balboa heater provides the unit with consistent heat without any fluctuation because of changes in external temperature.

Your system provides the heat according to your specification whether it is summer evening or cold winter day. The built-in heat provides the water with heat you looking for your hydrotherapy.

This hot tub spa is insulated with both foam sheeting as well as spray foam. So your unit is perfectly insulated eliminating the chances of heat loss.

What’s In the Box?

  • Hot Tub
  • Protecting Cover

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the temperature of the water is controllable in this hot tub spa?

Yes, the hot tub spa comes with water temperature controllable.

Does in this package a cover included?

Yes, in this package you will get a standard cover.

What’s the distance from hip to hip for the captain’s chairs?

The distance is 18-inches.

What are the dimensions of the tub?

The dimensions are 91-inch x 91-inch x 40-inch.

Is it protected with warranty?

This product is protected with 5 years limited warranty.

Does the Essential Hot Tubs Calypso come with a water sanitizer, like an ozonator or chlorine or bromine is needed for keeping water clean?

The unit is accompanied by standard ozonator.  But for proper sanitation chemicals application is still recommended.

What’s insulation for this hot tub spa? Foam sheets or Spray Foam?

This hot tub spa comes with both foam sheeting as well as spray foam. So your unit is perfectly insulated.

What’s the weight of structure?

700 pounds

Is this unit a plug in or does I have to be hard wired?

For proper operation you need to hard wire the unit.

Best Low Price Alternative

Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide SS254030700330 Jets, Espresso

Pros and Cons


  • Not expensive when compared to competing models with same features from other brands. The comparable products belonged to other brands are charging the price for their units in range of $12k to 14K. So Essential Hot Tubs is offering this premium unit with 50% less price.
  • Perfectly insulated  with both foam sheeting as well as spray foam
  • Unit comes with dependable pumps with reliable pressure system
  • No leaks
  • Ample 100 jets for meeting the needs of all your body parts.
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to use and controllable jets by turning them off.


  • No performance affecting issue.


Best Alternative Of Essential Hot Tubs Calypso 100 Jets Sterling Silver Shell

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Buyer Guide for Hot Tubs

We love swimming pool and also our kids enjoy it. But majority of houses don’t come with it. To install a swimming pool in your house is not a low cost idea!  In winter when the weather becomes cool our swimming is also become a thing we can’t use for our body soaking. So the hot tub is something we call an all-weather friends. Whatever weather is you will find your hot tub something that is always ready for entertaining you with soaking. Another benefit of these hot tub spas is flexibility and control over temperature and other things where in pool base soaking you can’t imagine.

The main driving force for investing your hard earned money in this expensive unit is in house relaxation. And manage and relive muscle soreness and also a source for enjoying the company of your friend and family in extremely idyllic environment.

If you have no experience of buying a quality hot tub then read this buyer guide information for making the selection process easy.

Portable Hot Tub or In Ground Hot Tub

The biggest and main difference in these units is the overall structure formula. Portable hot tubs are made of materials such polyethylene, fiberglass or acrylic and these spas are sit aboveground.  While in case of in ground hot tubs they are made of materials such as concrete, stone or tile and they are built into a patio or landscape.

Hot Tub Placement

The location of your portable hot tub spa determines the size of your unit. So it is important to precisely determine the size of your future spa size by considering the size of space where you want to erect this structure.

Hot Tubs Add-ons

Different add-ons you will find in these in house spas such as audio system, Bluetooth, LED color and more.

  • Remote control
  • Lights
  • Jet settings
  • Waterfall
  • Sound system. Radios, AUX chords, and/or Bluetooth connectivity.

Size and Shape

In market you will find a hot tube in range of single person to 12 people. So before investing in a unit it is important to properly analyze your hot tub capacity. Larger size hot tubs are expensive and also demand more space from you to erect them so before buying a in house spa it is important to analyze your spa capacity.


In market you will find hot tubs made of following materials;


There are different wood types used for manufacturing of hot tubs such as cedar, redwood, teak and cypress. Wooden hot tubs are loved for their amazing aroma as when wood becomes wet it emits pleasing and relaxing aroma.

Another good thing associated with wooden in house spa is that they are more durable and crack resistant when compared to units made of hard plastic. But the wooden hot tubs need more care and maintenance when compared to other materials made hot tubs.

Plastic and Acrylic

Acrylic or plastic made hot tubs are more common nowadays when compared to traditional wooden units. They are more susceptible to damage such as chipping and cracking when compared to wooden made in house spa. But they are more robust, durable and resistant to structural decay. Another beauty of plastic or acrylic hot tubs is that they are easy to maintain than wooden spa units.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel made hot tubs are more durable, highly rust resistant easy to maintain. They also offer long lasting lifespan when compared to other materials made units.

Inflatable Portable Hot Tubs

These hot tubs are also very famous because they are extremely low priced and also offer the exceptional portability that is something you can’t expect from the aforementioned material based structures. These inflatable portable hot tubs are made of puncture resistant materials and inner beam construction for support. They are easy to setup, easy to maintain and extremely budget friendly.

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