Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide SS254030700330 Jets, Espresso

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Hydrotherapy or hot tub treatment is one of the best methods for relieving tired body, sooth your mind and relax stiff muscles. This is the reason that hot tub spa is becoming common with passage of time among folks for alleviating the stress of day to day life.

In past people have just one option open to relax their bodies with hydrotherapy and that was the services of professional spa houses. These services are not cheap. If you are regular visitors of these spa houses then they cost you material amount. Another problem most of the people have was the time allocation for getting this treatment. You have to kill some of the moments of your free time so it was also not affordable for majority of people as for as time arrangement is concerned.

This gap is well-understood by the hot tub industry by responding in professional way to design and manufacture state-of-the-art home based hydrotherapy systems. But due to plethora of choices for majority of folks selecting a quality hot tub from a lot is not an easy job. So this is the reason in this post we will discuss the attributes, pros and cons of the one of the best products Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide 30 Jets, Espresso.

Technical Specifications

  • Seating Capacity: 4 to 5 people
  • Pump: 1 x 1.5 HP
  • Voltage: 110V/15A
  • 110V Electrical Connection, GFCI Cord
  • Water capacity: 300 Gallon
  • Hot Tub Dimensions: 74″x74″x34″

Key Features of Adelaide SS254030700330 By Essential Hot Tubs

  • Product brand name: Essential Hot Tubs
  • Model Name: Adelaide
  • Model number: SS254030700330
  • Color: Espresso
  • Made in USA
  • Number of jest: 30
  • Capacity: seats for 5 people and one full body lounger
  • Designed and manufactured in USA, not a low quality China made product!
  • Ample seating capacity offers ergonomic 5 seating with full body lounger and 2 Captain’s style chairs with mounted pillow headrests.
  • Plug & play, GFCI cord included
  • Heavy-duty serves your hot water soaking needs for many years to come
  • 30 stainless-steel robust jets of the hot tub are well dispersed throughout the system so all the users can customize their ideal spa experience.
  • Insulated tapered cover with locking clips
  • Easy to use can be plugged into any standard 15 Amp outdoor outlet
  • 3 headrests
  • 2 LED water columns
  • Convenient built-in ice bucket with a lid/tray, taking your entertainment to next level.
  • Comes with 1kW/4kW true all-season stainless Steel Balboa heater so you will feel slow heating even in very cold days of winter. A perfect heating system for a creating an idyllic environment for hot water soaking in all-weather irrespective of external temperature.
  • Lounge size: 50 inches long and 27 inches wide.

What’s in the Box?

In this comprehensive package you will get the Adelaide hot tub and a cover protecting it from elements.

Who is this product for?

This homebased hot tub spa is especially designed for all those busy people who can’t afford the luxury of external professional spa houses because of budget and time shortages but also not afford the expensive models of these in house tub spas normally found in price range of $5K-15K. So this low price and quality product is especially designed for meeting the needs of low budget holders.

Despite of its low price, it offers exceptional space accommodating you whole family. So highly cost effective provides your entire family exceptional quality spa treatment without charging any extra cost.

So it is best system for all those people can’t afford the services of professional spa houses and also are on tight time budget to allocate time for this body soothing experience. It is an ideal product for people with limited budget to equip their house with this luxury of spa treatment.

Essential Hot Tubs Adelaide Spa Detail

If you are looking for quality hot tub spa with dependable features for exceptional hydrotherapy for affordable price then Adelaide is best product to consider. Its low price tag is not something should be confused with low quality. Despite of its very low price the product offers the same level of hot water soaking as expected from a premium model. So it is one of the best systems especially designed for people with limited budget for in house spa treatment.

30 stainless-steel robust jets of the hot tub are well dispersed throughout the system so all the users can customize their ideal spa experience.

You will get a perfect soaking experience with this smart and dependable hot tub because of its ample seating capacity and exceptional control over temperature. The system comes with ergonomic seating for 5 persons, equipped with full body lounger (50 inches large and 27 inches wide). The tub comes with 2 captain’s chairs, so in simple words you have ample choices for customizing your hot water soaking experience.

The hot tub spa is powered by dependable and energy efficient 2 speed continuous pump.

The digital backlit display puts the choice for hassle free control at your fingertips, so you can explore the things in the way you desire; whether you want a soothing evening or a full hydrotherapy massage.

The hot tub spa 2 LED water columns, 3 headrests and convenient built-in ice bucket accompanied by a lid/tray create an idyllic environment for hydrotherapy.

It comes with simple design and supports hassle free use; plug & play connection that plugs into any standard 120V/15A outlet, there is no need for any special arrangement.

The hot tub comes with low maintenance cabinet that accommodates the stainless steel Balboa heater ensures consistent and even heating throughout the year. So you can use it in all weathers even in coldest days of the winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is the hot tub lounger?

The lounger is 50-inch long.

How wide is the hot tub lounger?

The lounger of this essential hot tub spa is 27 inches wide.

Does the Adelaide Essential Hot Tub come with steps?

No. in this package you will get the spa and cover only.

Does Adelaide spa have a temperature changer?

Yes, you can easily change the water temperature with help of its 2 buttons system; one button comes with arrow up and one with arrow down. So there is no issue for getting your desired water temperature.

Does this model come with full insulation?

No. it is not insulated with perimeter insulation found in majority of other models belonged to Essential hot tubs brand. But it is still insulated but no thoroughly as in the case in premium and high end models. But make sure you can use it in all weathers without facing any temperature fluctuation issues especially in cool days of the winter. Whatever the external temperature is, the spa has the ability to maintain a quality heat level best for excellent hydrotherapic experience.

Does the Adelaide hot tub spa equipped with ozone system?

Yes, the model is equipped with reliable ozone system but for best results you still need some sanitizers but not in quantity as in case when there is no ozone system.

What’s the color of cover included in this package?

It is dark brown, perfectly matches with spa color.

Can you use this hot tub spa throughout the year? What’s problem would you face in winter because of the lack of full insulation?

There is no issue because of the non-full insulation. You can use this hot tub throughout the year for hot water soaking even in the coolest days of the winter when there is big drop in temperature. It is not insulated like other models belonged to this brand such as the high end expensive one with price tags above $5000. But it is still insulated to make it fit for keeping the heat at level preventing the water from freezing.

Does this hot tub accompanied by filters?

Yes, it comes with filter and the good news is that you will get two more filters by just writing a review of this product.

Is the hot tub covered with warranty package?

Yes, it is backed by 2 years parts warranty and one year labor warranty.

How much does it cost monthly?

It costs $20 per month, depends on your usage.

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Likes and Dislikes


  • Plenty of jets
  • Easy to use
  • Well designed, robust and sturdy to serve your soaking needs for many years to come
  • The cabinet is well built
  • You can create pressure in other parts of tub by just turning down the jets individually.
  • You will find the drink tray and ice chest area just amazing!
  • Fast heating system; majority of its users are satisfied with it.
  • Unit comes with dependable pumps with reliable pressure system
  • No leaks
  • Comfortable seats, best for people with all height sizes
  • Warranty: protected with 2 years standard warranty and 1 year labor warranty.


  • The only thing I would recommend to the manufacturer to take notice of an easier access panel to get to the drain hose so that one doesn’t have to unbolt the panel. But it is a minor issue would not affect the performance of your hot tub!
  • Not insulted like other models of the Essential Hot Tubs but you can use it with confidence in all weathers without any slow heating or heat loss issue.
  • Steps not included



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