Foods To Avoid With Fibroids

Food is an important player for our overall heath. Good food keeps us healthy and energetic while food with bad ingredients adversely affects our health. So besides medical treatment paying attention to your diet is also important if you want to keeps your fibroids under control. As there are good foods provide the natural way for treating fibroids condition, there are some foods which you have to avoid in course of healing this disease.  Uterine fibroids are tumors that attack a female reproductive system. Fibroids normally affect women in their middle to late child bearing years. Fibroids are often asymptomatic (no specific symptoms) but in some cases can cause excessive pain. Some medical experts believe that this uterine condition also affects women fertility. There are two options to treat fibroids either with surgery or choosing the natural methods. In this article we will explore Foods to Avoid with Fibroids.

Bad Foods For Fibroids



Foods To Avoid With Fibroids

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are not the good book of medical professionals and consider them the cause of different diseases. So here also the fibroids patients are advised to curtail or eliminate all those foods from their daily routine which come with high level of saturated fats. The main reason behind avoiding these foods with saturated fats is the its capacity to rise the estrogen level which is the main contributor for this health condition. Foods you need to avoid which comes with high saturated fats include; egg yolks, bacon, and process foods with high saturated fats such as pastries, cookies and more.  If necessary discuss these bad foods with your physician.

Foods with Excess Salt

Foods with high salt are not easy for your liver to deal with. As your liver is the main organ responsible for keeping your hormones at good level while at same time eliminating toxins from your body. So it is important that you make this overall hormone balancing and toxins removal task easy for your lever. So in your diet list include food with low level of salts and especially avoids the following;

  • Soup
  • Baked beans
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Pickles
  • Olives
  • And dried foods such as jerky

Red Meat

Red meat comes with high level of added hormones such estrogen, as already discussed estrogen is responsible for fibroids. You can eat white meat for compensating your body with protein.

Dairy Products

Dairy products come with lots of benefits but there are many risks also associated with it. Dairy products come with arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is basically a fat which is responsible for certain prostaglandins. These prostaglandins can cause cramps, pelvic pain and also make possible inflammation in the body. Dairy products also come with high fat content can become the cause of the hormonal imbalance. There are certain steroids, antibiotics and hormones etc. found in dairy products as these unhealthy things are feed to the animals, so the if you consume dairy products these steroids, antibiotics and hormones etc. also consumed resulting in estrogen excess or hormonal imbalance.  Another bad thing associated with dairy products especially for those people who don’t have the necessary enzymes for digesting dairy products can lead to gas, bloating and irregularity in bowel movements, these things are more pronounced in your menstrual days.


Alcohol can also affect proper operation of your liver. It prevents your liver from working efficiently for perfectly dealing with its function of breaking down different types of hormones which can result in increase of estrogen level. So if you are suffering from fibroids eliminate alcohol from your diet or reduce its amount.

Caffeine Carrying Beverages

Caffeine Carrying Beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas etc. can increase symptoms such as cramps, bleeding and pain. These caffeine beverages come with high level of methylanthins. Methylanthins causes high level of biochemical in the body which can result in tumors.

Sugar and Refined Grain Food

As refined food lacking many vital healthy elements are eradicated during refining process while they further become bad for your health if sugar is added to them. If excess sugar and refined grains include in your daily diet then they will cause hormone imbalance which is the main cause of fibroids. So if you have fibroid then it is important to decrease or eliminate sugar and refined foods from your diet.