Ways to Get Rid of Eczema

We can broadly divide the Ways to Get Rid of Eczema into two broad categories;

  • Medical treatments for eczema
  • Natural ways of dealing with eczema

First we briefly explore medical treatment and then move on to natural therapy for detail exploration.

Medical Ways:-

First doctor diagnosis the disease; the common methods used for this purpose is the appearance of patient’s skin and his/her personal and family history. Eczema like skin diseases are there such as psoriasis so the physical appearance of your skin is not the only symptom your physician will depend on to diagnose the disease so he will use laboratory procedures like skin lesions examination to precisely come to conclusion. Your doctor may need to carry out skin lesion biopsy to exactly establish what your disease; eczema or other skin disease. But in most cases it is not necessary.

Ways to Get Rid of Eczema

After your doctor exactly diagnosed your illness; then the treatment process begins and he will recommend your different types of courses of action by keeping in mind the severity of your eczema condition.

Whatever type treatment and courses your physician recommend the ultimate objective remains the same to alleviate the following life disturbing effects of this skin condition;

  • Reducing and controlling itching
  • Curtailing skin inflammation
  • Reduce the chance of outbreak of new lesions
  • An loosen and then eliminate scaly skin lesions
  • & also clear infection already exists in your skin

Your doctor may use different strategies according to the severity of your eczema ranging from simple treatment such as skin moisturizing, use of topical pharmaceuticals or in severe cases even recommend oral medications.

The most common medicine your doctor will prescribe for treating your eczema containing corticosteroids; this steroid hormone is naturally produced in adrenal cortex. So you physician will use this corticosteroids based topical cream or ointment as a first option for healing this problem. Many creams/ ointments containing this steroid hormone are belonged to OTC (over the counter) and are sold without any prescription in Western countries. As this product is not strong (OTC), so there is no chance of any adverse effects but the effectiveness is also limited.

In case your condition continues to deteriorate or not improving, your physician may recommend corticosteroid cream or lotion stronger than those OTC products containing this same corticosteroid hormone.

Long term use of these corticosteroids is not recommended by medical community because of its side effects such as irreversible skin thinning.  So in case your doctor prescribes your topical corticosteroid based creams or lotions it is best to use it for short period of time.

A third curing option your doctor will use is the corticosteroid oral drug. The oral corticosteroid drugs such as prednisone or prednisolone has side effects depending on the strength of drug as well as the period of time you are taking this drug.  The adverse effects of long term use of these types of drugs include;

  1. Weight gain
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Worsening of diabetes
  4. Glaucoma
  5. Diabetes
  6. Growth retardation in children
  7. And psychic disturbances

So you should be aware of dangers of corticosteroid drugs and if possible avoid them at all.

The final option is the new two drugs approved by FDA few years ago calcineurin inhibitors, drugs that overpower the activity of your immune system as a way of lessening the worst effects of conditions like eczema. The 2 well-known drugs belonged to this category includes;

  • Pimecrolimus (Elidel)
  • Tacrolimus (Protopic)

Being new entries there no great deal of scientific evidence about the adverse effects of this medicine. But the following side effects come into notice include;

Common side effects:

  • Skin burning
  • Discomfort for several day

Less common side effects:

  1. Acne
  2. Headaches
  3. Flu-like symptoms, are a little worrying

Note: In fact, the same article goes on to suggest that the FDA has now issued a warning about possible links between topically applied calcineurin inhibitors and cancer.

Natural ways of dealing with eczema: – Moisture is the key

Besides the medical expensive and side effects full treatment there are natural ways also existing to reduce to your eczema to tolerable level.

Starting the homed base treatment or natural treatment for your eczema it is highly recommend to first diagnose the cause of your disease for example pollen or food allergies. If your disease flare-ups by exposure to pollen the best way to reduce it effects by staying inside at summer or at the height of spring when the pollen count is at its peak.

If your eczema is characterized by dry skin, then it makes sense to take some measure to keep your skin moist and supple.

For sake of keeping your skin moist it is required to bath for as short a time as possible while at same time curtailing the amount of soap you use during bathing.  Another measure you should take is to use all natural moisturizing oil such tea tree oil in your bath as this will keep your skin supple as well as moist.

Another moisturizing step you should take is to apply all natural moisturizers such as olive oil or tea tree oil to all dry spots on your skin. It is highly beneficial to do this oil moisturizing within three minutes of completing the bathing for locking the already moisture exist on your skin because of bathing. So because of these two ways you skin retains optimum amount of moisture providing a strong protection against eczema fallouts.

The above-mentioned Ways to Get Rid of Eczema are highly effective for majority of folks but it is not necessary that they might work for you. If they fail to work for you then you have to consider alternative all natural moisturizers for beating the eczema’s effects. Some of these all natural alternatives are;

Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil comes with hydration properties so it is one of the best methods of keeping your skin moist. This specific moisturizing oil supports to protect cell membranes while at same time also promoting the body’s ability to use vitamin K and selenium. Beside its hydration features it also serves as antioxidant providing your skin another level of protection.

Vinca Minor:-

This is a homeopathic moisturizer for keeping your skin “moist” a best solution for fighting against itchy, sore and relieving sensitive skin. So it is the ideal solution for eczema sufferer as the main characteristics of this disease itchy and dry skin.

 Hydrocotyle Asiatica:-

Hydrocotyle is an aquatic plant with between 75 and 100 species included under this one major “heading” a well-known herb used for centuries for would healing .  So you can use all natural moisturize contains this herb for lessening eczema’s effects.


Calendula is another ancient herb for dealing with dry and damaged skin so you can use for lessening the effects of eczema. In suspension and used topically, calendula is highly effective for decreasing skin inflammation while also comforting irritated tissue. You can find this herb in suspension form by searching it online.

Salt and Magnesium Solutions:

You can prepare your own suspension (water + slat + magnesium) and then via a spray treat the affected areas. The ideal solution for people living in beach area is to take swim to get the same treatment in most natural way.

Coconut Oil:-

Another homed base remedy for fighting against the effects of eczema is to use coconut oil. The coconut oil has been used for relieving this skin issue. The proper way to use coconut oil is to massage the affected areas thoroughly and within short period of time you will notice great improvement in healing process. Massage your skin at night and keep it whole night and then wash it in morning or use it during day time and when it has settled in your skin mostly take 2 hours, wash it.


Lemon is an effective antiseptic and one of the trusted home based solutions for treating eczema naturally. Lemon juice plus water solution is highly effective against inflammation, swelling and infection because of eczema.

Aloe Vera:-

This is another natural herb with healing properties highly useful for treating eczema effects such as inflammation and skin redness. The proper way to get optimum benefits from this natural healing therapy is to cut Aloe Vera leaf in half and then place it directly on the affected area for up-to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash off your skin and repeat this process at least three times daily for getting substantial healing effects.

Castor Oil:-

You can use castor oil as well as for healing the effects of eczema. Apply castor for up-to 30 minutes to affected areas and then wash it off. Regular use of this natural therapy will lessen redness as well itchiness in quick span of time.