How to Heal Eczema Fast

Eczema is a skin issue the main symptoms of which are skin becomes irritated, red and inflamed. Medical profession is unaware of the exact cause of this disease; basically it is dysfunction of the human immune system “not a normal behavior towards irritation” which leads to inflamed and irritated skin. There is no cure exist for eczema but sufferers use medical as well as all-natural and home remedies to alleviate and manage this incurable skin condition.  Eczema is not a contagious disease. In this article we will explore how to heal eczema fast?

Over the counter Cream for Instant Relief:-

For instant relief from itchy skin; apply a quality over the counter (OTC) anti-itch cream to the affected area. It is important to keep anti-itch cream at your home and also keep it in your bag for quick application on demand. There are different types of itchy cream and lotion available in market. It is important that your OTC at least 1% of hydrocortisone.

What to Eat and what’s Not to Eat:-

First we discuss what types of foods you should avoid by keeping your eczema in controllable level;

  • Egg and dairy
  • Food high in sugar, carries preservatives and fats
  • There are some fruits you should also avoid such apple, tomato, kiwi

How to Heal Eczema Fast

There are different food’s nutrients believed offering great benefits to healing effects to eczema’s sufferers. Following are the natural ways to get rid of eczema’s flareups.

The Food with vitamin B complex:-

Some time ago it was believed that there is only one form of vitamin B but now the medical profession has vitamin B complex as well. This vitamin B complex carries eight different vitamins which work together as a team effecting the body overall performance. Each of these 8 vitamins has its own health benefits but its as team work also influence the body in different ways. As far as eczema is concerned the vitamin B complex is highly beneficial for boosting metabolic function as well promoting skin and muscle tone. Further vitamin B complex greatly supports nervous as well as immune system. This essential vitamin also shows great influence over cellular division, growth and rejuvenation. So by simply including vitamins B complex in your food you will greatly support your skin as well as strengthening your immune system the end result of which is your body will in better position to fight back against skin issues such as eczema in more effective way. You can add different types of food which are a rich source of vitamin B complex such as lentils, bananas, green vegetable, potatoes tempeh and more….  Eggs and dairy products are also rich in vitamin B complex but these products will worsen your eczema instead of any improvement, so it is highly recommended to avoid dairy products.

You can also meet your body requirements of Vitamin B complex by taking it in form of supplement.

Zinc Supplements:-

As we know zinc is widely available in our daily foods but the problem is that all those foods rich in zinc are not good for eczema. It may be necessary to find zinc supplements rather than trying to consume dairy products which are the accelerator of eczema.

Fish Oil:-

Fish oil is highly valued by scientists for its omega-3 fatty acids. Besides omega 3 fatty acids fish oil also carries high percentage of vitamin A, an essential substance for keeping your skin healthy as well as carries anti-inflammatory properties. As we know eczema is inflammation of skin so by including sufficient amount of vitamin A in your diet you will create an effective safeguard skin inflammation a major symptom of eczema.

Grape or Cherry Juice:-

Both grape and cherry juice carry anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant attributes. So by adding just a glass of juice to your diet you will provide your body sufficient boot in its battle against eczema.


And the last but not the least food item “Honey” also boots your immune system supports your body in its fight against eczema.

Avoiding Stress:-

As stress and anxiety affect our body in different disease forms so there is also an established relationship between stress and eczema. It is important to keep this menace at minimum level by changing your lifestyle and do some specific training to minimize it such prayer, yoga…