Why Are The Corners Of My Mouth Cracked? – Angular Cheilitis

What is Angular Cheilitis?

There are different terminologies used for cracked corners of mouth such as cheilitis are perlech, cheilosis, chapped lips & angular stomatitis etc. But the most common term is Angular Cheillitis. This skin condition starts initially in form of small sore. Then after this initial appearance of angular cheilitis on the sufferer mouth corners it followed by red, dry and chapped lesions. Angular cheilitlis can affect the patient one or both corners of mouth.

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Why Are The Corners Of My Mouth Cracked? - Angular Cheilitis

Agents Responsible for Angular Cheilitis

  • Fungus (Candida Albicans)
  • Bacteria (Staphylococcal)
  • Any kind of trauma of the mouth

Angular cheilitis can affect anyone; not age or gender specific. But infants and old aged people are mostly affected by this skin condition due to their weak immune system. This mouth corners condition not spread beyond the corner of the mouth but if its left untreated for long time then it will spread.

Causes of Cracked Corners of Mouth

According to medical experts the main cause of this infection when the skin stays wet and moist for too long time. Folks with following situations are more prone to this condition;

  • People with more saliva are more susceptible to developing cheilitlis. When the corners of the mouth remain moisty it creates a conducive environment for development of these bacteria and fungus.
  • Another victim of this skin disease is people with weak immune system.
  • Folks with vitamin B12 and Vitamin B9 deficiency are more prone to this skin issue. According to medical experts Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12 are corner stones of the strong immune system. If your body is lacking these two important vitamins then there is a big chance that you may have angular cheilitis.
  • Wearing of low quality or poorly fitted braces or dentures
  • Drooling
  • Allergy to some condition such as lipstick allergy
  • Living in allergic environment or adverse weather
  • People who are deficient with
    • Zinc
    • Folate
    • Iron
    • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
    • B3 (niacin)
    • B6 (pyridoxine)
    • And B12 (cyanocobalamine)
  • Old people are more prone to this skin condition
  • Infants are more susceptible
  • People with HIV
  • People With Diabetes
  • Licking of Lips
  • Psoriasis or acne sufferers
  • IBD ( Inflammatory Bowels Disease), Ulcerative Colitis

Symptoms of Cracked Corner of Mouth (Angular Chilitis)

  • There is swelling or/and cracking at the corners of sufferer’s lips
  • Severe itching of the area affected with angular chilitis
  • There is also redness of the area affected area
  • Sore formation in affected area
  • Cracks formation in affected area
  • Discomfort on opening the mouth
  • Sever pain
  • Appearance of sores on tongue
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry lips around the corners of the mouth
  • Blood discharge with pus and foul smell

Diagnosis of Angular Cheilitis

Your physician will diagnose this skin condition with physical examination. But sometimes you doctor may investigate the condition with microbiological swabs of the anterior nares and both the angles of the mouth.


Treatment of cracked corners of the mouth (Angular Cheilitis) may vary depending on the severity and cause of the condition. Your physician may advise protective petroleum jelly, steroidal topical creams and anti-fungal creams.

There are also working home remedies such as (Note: for detail of the following home remedies click on this link Chapped Lips Cheilitis Treatment)

  • Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil Treatment
  • Vitamin B; eat foo rich with vitamin B such as Cereals, Cauli flower, Leafy vegetables, Beans, Cabbage, Rice, Eggs , And Fish
  • Oils (Ea-tree oil, Smashed garlic, Citronella oil, Palmarosa Oil, Coconut oil, Orange Oil, Extracts of pumpkin seeds, Chick pees, Neem seed Oil, Bazil nuts etc.)
  • Aloe Vera Oil
  • Eggplant and apple vinegar
  • Baking Soda & Castor Oil
  • And Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil and Vaseline Remedy.