Perleche Treatment- Natural Home Remedies

Perleche, also known as angular cheililtis, angular stomatitis, cracked corners of mouth and more… Main cause of this skin infection is the lack of Vitamin B12, Iron and Riboflavin. People with weak immune system become an easy prey of this disease. It is not contagious like herpes and genital warts.  It is either cause by bacteria or fungus. The bacterial responsible for this skin issue is called Staphylococcal while the fungus creates this issue is named Candida Albicans. This is not contagious issue but the bacteria or fungus exist in the affected area can cause other skin disorders or health problems.  In simple words perleche or angular cheilitis is the cracks or lesions that appear on one or both sides of the mouth.

Perleche Treatment- Natural Home Remedies

It is important to take quick measures to heal this skin issue; if it is left as such then there is a chance of more infection in the affected area which can cause bleeding and even the development of pus. In very rare cases there is also a chance of skin ulcers development.

This skin disorder is mainly influenced by our poor food routine; deficiency of vitamin B12, Iron and Riboflavin. As 70% of our immune system is based on our Gut and digestive system; if our gut is in poor status and nor working in normal way then there is chance of developing different health issues because of the poor immune  system as consequence. If our immune system is weak then there is chance of development of different health issues and diseases and skin disorders. If the poor diet habit continues for long period of time it will adversely affect your immune system and will pave the way for development of this skin issue perleche. So it is important to heal this skin issue internally with healthy and balanced diet plan.  Natural food is a good source for strengthening and healing our body internal system as these organic foods come with nutrients, proteins and vitamins which are no found in conventional chemical drugs.  Our body needs organic substances because of its organic working phenomena.

A bad habit on the part of perleche sufferer is licking of lips. The sufferer licks the lips to reduce irritation but instead of providing some sooth and healing it even adverse the situation as the saliva is built-up creating conducive environment for development of bacteria and fungus. So the condition becomes even worse because of this excessive growth of fungus or bacteria or both. So it is important to avoid licking of lips, instead of doing this use petroleum jelly or olive oil or tea tree oil to reduce irritation.

Another tip to reduce the pain associated with this condition is to avoid exposure to sun or cold.

Olive oil plus unsalted butter is best for using on the cracks on the sides of the mouth to reduce the further splitting. Other important herbs and remedies can be used such as Tea tree Oil, Honey, Petroleum Jelly, Olive Oil plus Vitamin E oil, Vitamin B ( food with this vitamin such as Cereals, Cauli flower, Leafy vegetables, Beans, Cabbage, Rice, Eggs , And Fish or supplement), Eggplant.