Dry Corners Of Mouth

There are many factors responsible for dry corners of mouth. The cracked mouth corners is painful, aggravating and beauty spoiler. It can make your mouth related activities difficult such as opening, closing of mouth, eating and talking. The good news is this problem can be easily treated and you will not feel the physical and social discomfort for long time. The main cause of dry corners of mouth is angular cheilitis. There are different treatments available for dry corners of mouth.

Dry Corners Of Mouth

Antibacterial or Antifungal Creams

Antifungal creams are best solution when a person comes across with this problem because of angular cheilitis. You will also find topical cream effective when the cause of the cracked dry corners is herpes.

OTC (over the counter) creams are best for treating cracked mouth corner in case when there is no infection or virus. For calming and eliminating inflammation OTC hydrocortisone creams are used, you can apply it at night and throughout day.

Holistic and Home Remedies for Healing Dry Corners of Mouth

Petroleum Jelly

You can apply quality petroleum jelly to affected area. It locks the moisture and highly beneficial for all those folks who lick their lips and use mouth for breathing.

Olive Oil

Olive oil comes with healthy properties; it locks the moisture and keeps your lips moisturized. It prevents cracks forming. Regular use of olive oil will keep your lips moisturized and soft eliminating the symptoms related to dry corners of mouth.


Honey comes with antibacterial properties. The antibacterial properties honey comes with clear the infection caused by bacteria. Further honey is also a good natural moisturizer for keeping the affected area moisturized and highly effective against future cracks.

Cucumber Juice

For reducing discomfort associated with cracking and drying rub a slice of fresh cucumber on the area where lips meet.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also highly effective against dry and cracked corners of mouth.

Bacteria and Fungus responsible for this skin condition;

  • Bacteria (Staphylococcal)
  • Fungus (Candida Albicans)
  • Any kind of trauma of the mouth

People in any age group can come across this cracked and dry lips issue but old and infants are mostly affected by it because of their weak immune system. The good news is it not a contagious health problem like herpes and genital warts. Further its healing process is also easy.

Causes of Dry Corners Of Mouth

Weak Immune System:-

If your immune system is weak then you can become a victim of this skin issue. So healing and protection purpose it is highly vital to make your immune system strong. There are different causes of weak immune system but the main one is Vitamin B12 deficiency. So include in your diet all those foods which carry high amount of Vitamin B12.

Iron Deficiency:-

Another reason for this disease occurrence is the iron deficiency. If you have iron deficiency then it is important to include in your diet all those food items which carry good amount of iron. To compensate this deficiency with natural sources is best instead of taking prescription medicines. If your iron level is very low then your doctor will recommend you some iron related medicines.

Badly Fitted Braces or Dentures

If you have braces or dentures which are not of good quality or not fitted in proper way then it will provide a breeding space for bacteria and fungus which then become the cause of this disease. So it is important to keep them clean and tidy for protecting yourself from this issue.

Poor Habits

Biting or licking the lips is another cause of mouth cracks.

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing can also cause cracks corner of mouth because of the air flow around the mouth.

Skin Irritation

Some products such as lipstick, toothpaste, mouthwash, and balm worsen cracked corners.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather (cold/heat) or exposure to too much sun can also lead to dry corners of mouth.